The BBC on global warming is beyond a joke

Arctic Ice 2The BBC’s relentless efforts to promote the need for that treaty to “decarbonise” the world’s economies they so desperately want to see agreed in December are getting way beyond a joke. On Monday’s Today programme, for instance, they yet again wheeled on that joke figure Lord Stern to tell us that renewable energy now enjoys “very little subsidy or none at all” (don’t tell the owners of offshore wind farms, who imagine they are getting subsidies of more than 200 per cent).

Most energy from fossil fuels, Stern went on, is “heavily subsidised”, to the tune of “$500 billion a year”. Even John Humphrys sounded faintly disbelieving when Stern explained that most of this “subsidy” was the taxation not imposed on fossil-fuel companies for “polluting” the planet.

An hour later, we had the BBC’s science editor, David Shukman, telling us how he had gone up to the Arctic (presumably with the aid of fossil fuels), to join a bunch of Norwegian scientists (also presumably there with the aid of fossil fuels), who were discovering that the ice had got thinner than ever, and that this was causing irreparable damage to the “biodiversity” of the poor little creatures which live under that vanishing ice.

Not a shred of scientific evidence was offered to support this scare story, let alone the latest data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center, which show that the thickness of multi-year ice across the Arctic has been making a dramatic recovery from its low point seven years ago (for details see Paul Homewood’s Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog),

All this drearily make-believe propaganda is designed to whip up support for a treaty which, as the Indian government yet again confirmed last week, is never going to happen, because India and China – still building enough coal-fired stations to add more CO2 to the air every year than the total emitted by the UK – are simply giving two fingers to a treaty they regard as an even bigger joke than Lord Stern.


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    Will Scribe


    “With every turn of their blade another subsidy paid,
    A disguised redistribution of wealth;
    The poor pay higher amounts to fund “green” bank accounts,
    Enrichment through environmental stealth.

    As they keep us afraid fortunes are being made,
    In the name of saving our earth;
    From climate scientists to Al Gore now all earning much more;
    Alarmism increasing net worth.

    So don’t be fooled into thinking, by any benefit that they’re linking,
    That the planet is their real concern;
    Who’s going to want to deny, or admit to the lie,
    And risk the amount that they earn?…..”

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    Ought not the BBC disconnect itself from the electricity grid and go it alone. If solar panels are so effective surely one or two on the roof of BBC house should suffice.

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    Doesn’t the BBC have to show which companies it has invested it’s pension fund assets ?

    How many and how much $$ has the BBC got tied up in solar panel ,wind farm ,ocean turbine and carbon trading( Hot
    Air Flipper ) companies ?

    They may have placed bets (investments ) and are in a conflict of interest which would help explain why they are such stalwart cheerleaders of one of the biggest scams in history .

    The Global Warming Hustle .

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