The 25 Craziest Things Said at the Democratic Debate

bernieAny presidential debate that involves Bernie Sanders is going to have its share of offbeat moments. But Tuesday night offered a little bit of nuttiness from everyone.

Combing through the transcript of the debate, I found these 25 head-scratchers.

Let the crazy flow.


12) “The planet…may well not be habitable.”

Global warming alarmism is one thing. But Bernie Sanders turned it up to eleven: “The scientific community is telling us that if we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to sustainable energy, the planet that we’re going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be habitable.”

The most dire scientific predictions call for a warming of a few degrees by the end of this century, and (supposedly) some flooding and droughts and hurricanes and “extreme weather.” But none of them predicts that the Earth will become uninhabitable, and that would be very strange given that global temperature have already gone through very big swings up and down, mostly down, during the time modern humans have inhabited the planet.

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    Hey Bern who exactly in the “scientific community ‘
    is “telling us ” the planet may well not be inhabitable
    if we don’t stop using fossil fuels ? Names Bernie ?

    Let’s pretend to indulge in your little fantasy . You are really saying you support the death of billions of people through fuel poverty and starvation .

    If that is what your party actually thinks first you are idiots and second you need to take a long long holiday as far away from any form of public office . Suck up to your hedge fund billionaires and Hollywood coke addicts on your own time .

    if the Republicans can’t oust these losers they
    they really have a problem .

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    Bernie Sanders makes Hillary Clinton look like a genius and youthful . Anyone with ear and nose hair equivalent to a number 5 paint brush should be banned out of respect to the audience .
    Pretty easy to see who has a lock on this little group of Democrats . I can see the dilemma in thinking about a number 2 .
    Go fossil free for a couple of years Bern and then
    getting all preachy will at least have an air of truth .

    These are the best they have ?

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    Marshall Rosenthal


    Get real, Bernie. You are a ‘straw for” for HRH Hillary& Co. If you want to pay for their ride forever, just vote for them.

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