Teenage Accoustic Guitarist Sings Global Warming Ditty

I have had it with this global warming bullshit
i have had it, i’ve, had enough of it.
right now i am freezing, shouldn’t i be burning
the world rights itself, shouldn’t all the pros be learning
perfect skies no clouds to see, I am so confused
environmentalists were just tired of being used

they tried to fill my head, with some interesting concepts
they tried to cook some bread on the Al Gore’s rippling biceps
what the fuck is going on, tried to brainwash me
and that shit ain’t happening!

this car runs on water, that one runs on peas
someone make a car, that runs on bullshit please
traveling for miles, wont make the air more crappy
buy some carbon offsets, to make you feel more happy
no lethal emissions, the air smells great to me
acid rain in my eyes! shit i cannot see.
global warming.

Melting all the ice caps, would be a fuckin ball
God i sure love swimming, especially in the mall
We could be at peace, with all the sea creatures yay!
Dolphins, sharks and manta rays, wont eat your fuckin face
I could go for winter, high of 92
I could walk out naked, my god and take a poo
on global warming.