Ted Cruz breaks down the real problem with climate change (and other progressive tropes)

cruzTed Cruz put his well-honed extemporaneous speaking skills to good use recently when a pair of liberal students attempted to corner him on climate change in New Hampshire.

The GOP presidential hopeful was especially on point during a lengthy back-and-forth with a liberal student named Kaity Thomson, who attempted to get Cruz to admit that he is anti-science and conceals a sinister agenda that forces him, for political reasons, to deny mankind’s role in effecting climate change.

It didn’t go well for the young activist. She posted a transcript of their exchange on her YouTube channel, along with this video, but she might have been better off cutting out the last portion of their conversation:


Here’s how Cruz pretty much isolated the problem in Thomson’s — and, by extension, all faithful progressives’ — argument:

Cruz- “Can I ask you Kaity, is there a single issue on any public policy issue whatsoever that you disagree with the standard liberal position?”

Kaity- “Probably.”

Cruz- “Can you name one?”

Kaity- “I’d rather not right now. This is what I really care about. Climate change. This is what I really care about. This is what I’m voting on.”

Cruz- “And your professors are engaging in indoctrination rather than teaching facts and evidence.”

Kaity- “That is absolutely untrue.”

Cruz- “I would just encourage you to question what they are telling you.”

Kaity- “I do. I question you.”

Cruz- “But have you ever questioned the left?”

Kaity- “Absolutely, every day.”

Check out the full transcript over on Thomson’s YouTube channel — but forget about leaving a comment: She’s disabled them.