Team Trump rails against Clinton’s anti-coal and anti-fracking stance

hillary-townhall-icymiA #Donald Trump spokesperson, Jason Miller, says the Sierra Club’s support of #Hillary Clinton is more evidence that the Democratic presidential candidate does not support keeping or building American energy jobs. The Sierra Club is responsible for two of the largest anti-fossil fuel crusades: ‘Beyond Coal’ and ‘Beyond Natural Gas.’

Miller says their endorsement of Clinton is a clear indicator of her distaste for coal miners, natural gas, and fracking. Clinton said she was “honored” to be endorsed by the anti-fossil fuel group Sierra Club, which champions shutting down coal and shale-energy production. The shale energy revolution, or fracking, has come under fire from anti-fossil fuel groups that believe the technique contaminates drinking water and is rife with problems.

Fracking and groundwater

But reports done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and independent groups show that fracking does not contaminate groundwater and is a safe and effective tool for extracting natural gas and oil from shale rock. It is also far cleaner than traditional fossil fuels like Dino oil and coal and has enabled the U.S. to lower CO2 emissions. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Agency reported that two-thirds of America’s natural gas now comes from fracking:

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    The Sierra Club isn’t exactly a club . It’s a corporation with a huge appetite for other peoples cash that specializes in eco- guerilla trash talk . Get them in front of an informed audience and they look like idiots . Senate hearings for example . A front man with puppet masters telling him what to say .
    Clinton didn’t just say she was firing coal workers she said she was going to shut down fossil fuel . The thing that has made the USA one of the greatest nations on earth
    and the Democrats with the earth muffin societies want to shut it down .
    Yes Admiral those aircraft carriers will operate with solar panels and any wind you can muster .
    Anyone that can delete 30,000 emails and open up the security of her own country
    should be going to a secure house alright just not the White House .

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