States, get ready to report to feds on ‘global warming’

Congressman Kevin BradyA Republican congressman says FEMA should focus on helping people – not on pushing a political agenda.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a new, impending policy that would require states consider the changing environmental or climate conditions that may affect and influence the long-term vulnerability from natural hazards in the state. That has led many citizens and lawmakers to speak out against the rules, saying the science is not settled on climate change. Others argue this is an attempt by government to force an ideology on states.

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) had this to say about the “State Mitigation Plan” in a recent “Morning Memo” podcast:

“Washington wants to demand that all states report on man-made global warming,” he summarizes. “It’s a political agenda.”

FEMA states the policy won’t affect federal money for relief after a natural disaster. Brady, however, isn’t buying that statement.

“FEMA reportedly says this won’t affect disaster relief funding, but how could it not?” he asks. “FEMA seems to want to be able to say more intense storms, frequent heat waves, drought, all that, is all man-made. Many scientists say just the opposite. FEMA’s prior policies don’t have this requirement.”

The policy is scheduled to go into effect in March 2016.