So Far, 2017 Sees Fewest Tropical Storms In Six Decades

There was only one named tropical storm anywhere in the world throughout January, 2017, the lowest number in nearly six decades.

Globally, an average of seven tropical cyclones formed in January, but this year, only one “named” storm formed. That’s the lowest number of storms to form in January since 1961, according to Colorado State University meteorologist Dr. Philip Klotzbach.

Klotzbach told an Australian news outlet that the Southern Hemisphere had not seen a hurricane-strength storm for 275 days, the longest stretch since 1974. There was only one named storm, but it did not reach hurricane strength in January.

Meteorologist Ryan Maue noted that the Southern Hemisphere’s hurricane season got off to an “abnormally slow” start, with only one weak storm forming in January.

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