Skeptics Thrown Out Of UN Climate Summit After Holding Pro-Trump Event

Three global warming skeptics were thrown out of the United Nations (U.N.) summit in Morocco after holding a pro-Donald Trump event where one of them tore up a copy of the Paris climate agreement.

“UN Security escorted three members of a Non-Governmental Organization called the Competitive Enterprise Institute off the premises today, and removed badges for the duration of the week, after an unregistered demonstration,” U.N. spokesman Nick Nuttall told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

One of those skeptics was Marc Morano, the publisher of Climate Depot, who was tossed out of the Marrakech summit after shredding a copy of a climate deal signed by nearly 200 countries last year. Morano was taken off the premises and won’t be allowed back in, the U.N. said.

Morano, wearing a red Trump hat, said “the delegates here seem to be in deep denial about President-elect Trump’s policies” before being escorted off the premises by security, according to ABC News.

The Rebel Media, a conservative Canadian news site, snapped a photo of Morano being forcibly moved by U.N. security guards.

Morano was holding an event near the U.N. summit’s media center that featured a giant poster of President-elect Trump behind him. Morano already made waves after publishing a lengthy report challenging the very foundation on which the U.N. summit was built: man-made global warming.

The U.N. apparently thought his “unregistered” demonstration went too far.

“Members of this NGO have attended previous UN climate conferences and there is a well-publicized code of conduct for NGOs,” Nuttall said. “This requires them to register a planned demonstration with UN security for approval. All peaceful demonstrations within the conference are approved and roughly 10-15 are happening every day at the Marrakesh conference. Approval is not based on the message demonstrators wish to send, political or otherwise, but on the safety of delegates. This is especially relevant with Heads of State still present on the premises.”

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    Marc Morano has been leading this fight for years and it must feel great to know
    this massive scam is unraveling . They won’t go quietly with the prospect of their
    $$Trillion dollar fraud on the verge of collapse .
    Trump says and does things that most people think but are too intimidated to say .
    The Democrats seriously underestimated the public outrage at the politically correct
    BS of the earth has a fever promoters and the dysfunctional Washington establishment .
    I hope Trump has the best security possible because when they confirm they can’t push him around they have already proven and admitted they are not beyond hiring
    mentally ill people to do their bidding .
    Thirty years of hard core corruption is not going to react well .
    Over 60 ,000 ,000 voters gave Donald Trump the support and pump to Drain The Swamp . Field Generals like Morano have been steadfast at exposing the massive fraud of Global Warming for years . It is about time the Calvary has arrived .

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