Ship of hypocrites: burn some carbon with Tim Flannery

flanneryNo, not a parody. The Climate Council really has invited Australian warmists to spend more than $7500 for a luxury cruise, gassing with Tim Flannery:

As part of this adventure, you will join renowned scientist and former Australian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery – the Climate Council’s Chief Councillor – on the adventure of a lifetime along the remote Kimberley coast…

Best of all, by taking part in this expedition, you’ll be stepping up to help provide Australians with a vital source of correct and informed information on climate change…

Our custom-built vessel is fully air-conditioned, equipped with a helipad, spa, large en-suited cabins and offers indoor and outdoor alfresco areas …

Plus more gassy extras, none solar-powered:

– Courtesy vehicle to/from your Broome accommodation

– Light aircraft from Broome to Mitchell Plateau

– Return helicopter flight from Mitchell Plateau to Hunter River


Another frequent-flying warmist hypocrite:

Taxpayers have forked out ­almost $13,000 for South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, his department’s chief executive and two political staffers to stay in a five-star hotel for the Paris climate change talks in December.

This comes after taxpayers outlaid more than $185,500 for a private film crew to follow the Labor Premier on two overseas trips, including to Paris, to produce promotional videos.

Government figures showed it cost about $53,600 for two people from Adelaide company 57 Films to follow Mr Weatherill on the Paris trip.

(Via Tim Blair, who has more hot offers. Thanks also to reader Gab.)


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    Bill Vancouver


    Going Green has become a huge $1.5 trillion industry. I wonder if the taxpayers know how much of their money is spent on nonsense like this. Those who spend it are not held accountable in most cases.
    Where is the msm? Oops, looks like they drank the Kool-aid, too.
    After we piss-away our wealth on the climate change hoax, will we have the money to fight ISIS? If not, then the alarmists will have a shallow victory indeed.

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    Thank you Al Shelton for referencing this Alberto Miatello paper . The fact that main street media do not report a paper that blows the doors off the global warming propaganda
    is not surprising but it is encouraging to see more scientists acting like scientists instead of propaganda tools for the biggest scam in history .

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