Ship of Fools II: Green Arctic Expedition Frustrated by Large Quantities of Ice

ship-of-foolsAn Arctic expedition designed to raise awareness of the perils of man-made climate change is being frustrated by unexpectedly large quantities of ice.

The Polar Ocean Challenge, whose aim is to circumnavigate the Arctic in a sailing boat while the summer ice-melt allows, is being led by veteran explorer David Hempleman-Adams. He justifies the expedition thus:

Permanent irreversible change in the sea ice landscape of the Arctic seems inevitable. This will / is already having global economic political, social and environmental implications. A significant change in my lifetime.

I see this possibility to circumnavigate the Arctic as one I wanted to take despite the risks associated with it in order to increase the worlds attention on the effects of Arctic climate change. There may be a possibility still to curb this progressive warming and melting in the Arctic. But even if this is not possible the next most important thing is to at the very least highlight the need to ‘Navigate the Future of the Arctic responsibly’.

Well, yes, of course, David. That’s just the kind of eco-friendly blah which will have landed your expedition sponsorship from a City of London finance firm. But what if, as the real world evidence increasingly suggests, your prognostications of climate doom are flat out wrong?

Already the expedition is around 4 to 6 weeks behind schedule having been held up in the Laptev Sea by the kind of ice which experts like Cambridge University’s Peter Wadhams ‚Äì of whom more in a moment ‚Äì assure us will soon disappear permanently from the Arctic in summer.

Here, for example, is an entry from their August 18 ship’s log:

Well I came up on watch this morning at 0800.  ice, ice and more b****t ice.

and here

A Stamukha is an iceberg that is touching the bottom.

We had to turn round from the ice by the coast last night and find somewhere safe to moor/anchor. There were strong winds so we needed to find somewhere else to sit them out, and the answer was a stamukha.

We knew it might drift, and it did, so when it had drifted into a more dangerous situation, Ben (who was on anchor watch) woke Nikolay and we’ve moved off it to go and have a look at the ice situation just up ahead again

and here’s one from crew member Ben Edwards, who is 14 years old

We’re still running into ice, aaaagggghhhh!  We’ve had patches of clear water just large enough that you can’t see the other side, just large enough that you start to think maybe we’ve seen the last of the ice, and then it looms out out of the horizon like a piece of homework that you’ve been trying to avoid doing by moving to India only to find that school exists there as well.  Hmpf.  We’ve put in three new tracks today each one further south than the last in the vain hope that we’d finally escape the ice by running away from it.  Unfortunately it seems that ice is a vindictive substance and refuses to leave us alone.

Poor Ben. Like every other 14-year old in Christendom he has never lived in a period of global warming (it hasn’t happened for 18 years) but yet has been assured non-stop by teachers and other experts that it represents a serious threat to the planet’s future.

And given how the world’s big media organisations so love to ramp up scare stories about this non-existent problem is it any wonder?

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this week we heard from Cambridge professor Peter Wadhams that the Arctic is more doomed than ever before.

But apart from being something of a conspiracy theorist ‚Äì he once claimed that secret agents, possibly in the pay of Big Oil, have been bumping off climate scientists, presumably because they know too much [not, it must be said, a major handicap of any alarmist climate scientist I’ve ever encountered] ‚Äì he has an embarrassingly dismal track record on forecasting Arctic ice melt. Indeed, as I reported at Breitbart, even within the climate alarmist community he is now considered such a liability that even hardcore enviro loons prefer not to be associated with him.

Yet the BBC goes on featuring him as if he were an expert whose predictions should be taken seriously.

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    Ahhh… Shades of the Shackleton Expedition… Soon this ship of eco-fools may be reduced to eating their Birkenstocks and burning low-carbon boat parts for warmth.

    Heroes in the making!

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    Good for the kid to go and see things for himself instead of being brainwashed by
    the global warming fear industry .
    In another 2 weeks that boat better be hauling ass or they will be leaving it behind .
    It isn’t nice to be bailed out by a fossil fuel machine ?
    Why not be really green and walk out , after all there are no polar bears are there ?
    And humans are going to control the earth’s thermostat . The fact the scientific community is even to afraid or bought to pop that bit of fiction says all we need to know about scientific credibility . No matter how NOAA fixes the data you don’t see any of those people bobbing around in a sea of ice . Sitting around fixing temperature data sipping latte’s is a lot fun .
    What are they going to do when they run out of fudge and by the way who are the individuals at NOAA that alter the data ? Do the major scientific bodies support source data being played with ?

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