Senators Quietly Stick Green Energy Subsidies Into FAA Bill

reidSenators from both sides of the aisle are trying to get an amendment into a bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that would extend $1.4 billion in expiring green energy subsidies that weren’t included in last year’s budget deal.

South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune worked with Democratic Sens. Bill Nelson of Florida and Ron Wyden of Oregon to get lucrative tax subsidies for things like wind power, fuel cells and geothermal heat pumps much to the chagrin of conservative groups.

“We’re disappointed that consistent support exists among Senators to extend corporate welfare to the so-called ‘green energy’ industry. It’s unfortunate to see lawmakers sneak these provisions through the backdoor using unrelated must-pass measures — especially only months after extending major wind and solar subsidies in an end-of-year deal,” Christine Harbin, director of federal affairs at Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement.

Conservatives are furious with Thune and others who want another bill extending green energy tax credits after passing a massive $680 billion tax package in December that included a slew of green energy subsidies — including a $23.8 billion investment tax credit for building solar panels.

Republicans and Democrats hashed out a deal in December to lift the ban on crude oil exports in exchange for extending billions of dollars in soon-to-expire green tax credits. But Democrats now argue some green energy tax credits were accidentally left out of the bill, so now they need to be included in the FAA bill.

“No one intended to leave them out,” New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said during a press conference Tuesday. “We’re working to get those in now.”

Thune said the green subsidies need to be included to smooth over Democratic concerns.

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    With yesterday’s announcement of the E-cat 1megawatt plant’s successful 1 year trial this is doubly wrong thinking. Giving money to a dead industry is worse than wasteful. It will entice more investment into wind and solar which will be the first to fall as cold fusion comes to the fore.

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    This should read … Bought and sold Senators from both sides of the aisle .
    Pretty revealing when a $1 .4 subsidy
    just happens to go unnoticed .

    No wonder Trump and Cruz want no part of the entrenched corruption that is Washington .

    Tax payers interests are now very far down the list .There is a complete disconnect between the public interest and blind issuance of more debt . Think Solyndra
    $500 million public subsidies up in smoke
    and the Sun Edison ship on the rocks .

    Wake up Washington and quit pissing away money you don’t even have .
    How many school lunch’s could have been made for $1.4 $Billion you idiots ?

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    Has Washington become so infiltrated that
    $$ billions can be slipped through after the fact and no one is even supposed to wiggle when tax payers are getting peed on .

    These lobbyists must have pictures on half of the politicians because they sure have zero backbone .

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