Sen. Whitehouse has lost all perspective

sheldonLast Sunday, in The Washington Post (“The fossil-fuel industry’s campaign to mislead the American people”), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., called for his opponents in the global warming debate to be charged under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, the law designed to put organized crime bosses in prison. His logic seems to be that there’s a vast conspiracy being perpetrated against the American public regarding global warming by the fossil-fuel industry.

From where I sit, neither side in this debate has much credibility left. It doesn’t take any conspiracy by the fossil-fuel industry to come to this conclusion. The “truthers” have taken care of that all by themselves. Al Gore, in his 2007 movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” told us that the polar ice caps would be devoid of ice by 2013. Guess what didn’t happen?

We’ve also got truthers running all over the Arctic, finding polar bears swimming in open sea water, supposedly because there’s no ice left. Come to find out, this is normal behavior for polar bears. They’ve been swimming in open sea water for millennia.

I believe that it is possible that mankind has caused some negative effects on the global climate. I’m also positive that we don’t have enough observational data over a long enough period of time to make that conclusion irrefutable. Ice ages last tens of thousands of years. It seems reasonable that there would be a natural opposite period of hotter-than-normal temperatures that may last tens of thousands of years also. We may be going into a naturally hotter period, about which there is little we can do.

We do not know what’s going to happen with the weather next week with any real certainty, yet we are not supposed to question the accuracy of models projecting the next 50 or 100 years?

I’m actually embarrassed for the supposed scientists who say this is settled. I’m not a scientist, but what I can most certainly say is that little about science is ever completely settled, especially in the contentious field of climate science. The most important point of the scientific method is that theories must be questioned. Are there scientists being paid by either side to come to different conclusions? Probably on both sides.

The idea that those who question the theory of global warming should be brought up on RICO charges is reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition and McCarthyism, and is a direct attack on the First Amendment, the key to all of our freedoms. It is amazing the senator would even think that, never mind state it publicly.

Senator Whitehouse has lost all perspective. This is politics at its worst, and has little to do with science. I urge him to stop with the rhetoric and do something to about the failing economy of his home state.


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    Will Scribe


    ‘….There’s a choice we’re now facing,
    While our opinions are free,
    Political pseudo-science,
    Or real science honesty?
    If we follow this new religion
    It comes at a terrible cost,
    The integrity of real science
    Could forever be lost!’

    Read more:

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    The RICO law could probably be applied very logically and consistently to the collective actions of

    O’bama and his cabinet
    The IRS and EPA
    The Democrat party
    The parts of the Federal judiciary which arrogate unto themselves the authority to legislate from the bench.

    We should Herr Weisshaus for bringing this up.

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    Whitehouse ….Deal with the failing economy of his home state . No that would involve reality .

    He might like to blame big oil for that too . Now what was that car(s) he drives ? Oh and a solar paneled house . Right .

    Too many useless Senators . Reduce the number by half and see if anyone notices .

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    Interesting guy this planet saver . What ever happened to the insider trading concerns .. Squeaky …. Really

    Who is next actor in the script to rear their head ? It is pretty obvious who will be going down on the organised crime campaign for oh so scary mann made globull warming .

    When you have run out of anything that back such stupid claims as the Arctic is now supposed to be ice free you apparently move to threaten in a desperate attempt to get publicity .

    You would think politicians would listen to what the people consider priorities and not waste their money
    on some self serving gold digging con .

    Now if you know you are about to have as much control over congress as the window washers union then it all begins to make a bit more sense .

    Got to line up those CV’s early. All those important hand outs of $$trillions to save the planet .

    Can’t wait to see Hillary get up and announce to the American people that
    her number 1 priority if elected is
    to reduce the worlds temperature 2 degrees .

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    Your suggestion will happen a lot faster than a few Democrat saber rattlers hollow threat towards who ever big oil is .

    Whitehouse is light on details for good reason . More Democrat hot air from a party in free fall .

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    Senator Lightweight are you all puff ?

    People that invest a bit of time quickly realize what a complete scam scary global warming is . We don’t need big bad dirty old oil to tell us , you can figure it out if you passed Grade 4 . Apparently only Republicans can sort out fact from fiction
    for some reason . Maybe they just haven’t seen that ice free Arctic prophecy yet .

    Maybe they have real issues occupying there time like their constituents expect .

    Ever wonder why your party is in free fall ? You just keep chasing that big bad scary global warming dragon so everyone knows how bankrupt your party is of solutions .

    Looking for a place to land while playing a long shot ?

    Senator Whitebread if you have a case
    why would you just blow hot air ? Prove it or shut it and do your job .

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