Scott Pruitt Criticizes ‘False Narrative’ On NYT’s Climate Report

EPA chief Scott Pruitt believes a recent climate report leaked to The New York Times (NYT) is meant to distract people from what efforts the Trump administration is making to reduce carbon emissions.

Pruitt, a Republican from Oklahoma, criticized what he called the media’s stoking of fears that President Donald Trump might dismiss findings that supposedly show man-made global warming is already affecting the environment.

“The report doesn’t impact the process,” Pruitt told a local Iowa media outlet Sunday. “It doesn’t impact the responsibilities that we are taking already with respect to CO2. And so I think some of those are simply legend and a false narrative that people try to put on the marketplace.”

The EPA chief was referring to a supposedly leaked National Climate Assessment (NCA), from the NYT, which quotes scientists who feared “the Trump administration could change or suppress the report.”

The outlet also suggested skeptics were “equally worried that the draft report, as well as the larger NCA, will be publicly released,” but several of the scientists who worked on the report wrote on Twitter that the NCA has been public since January, despite the NYT’s reporting.

The U.S. does not “have anything to be apologetic about,” Pruitt said Sunday about the country’s ability to reduce emissions scientists believe are causing climate change. He noted that technology used to extract natural gas has helped the U.S. tackle global warming.

“If we really care about our environment and CO2 reduction, then we ought to produce more here because we do it better than India, we do it better than China, and people who have traveled to those places know that. They know that from the air that they breathe there,” he said.

Pruitt’s comments come after he signaled in July an intent to start a “red team, blue team” to evaluate the argument underpinning fears related to global warming. He also suggested that the debate be televised for the world to see.

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    The NY Times is in free fall . Do they actually think they will
    survive as a propaganda paper ? Shareholders are going to lose their ass . It’s hard work to produced balanced journalism but at least they may have a business . The current management ensures extinction .

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    Spurwing Plover


    The New York Slimes(All the crap that fit to print)this old grey hag getting worst the news paper that covered up for Stalin and Castro and their horrible crimes against their own people then this liberal leftists rag wants to be taken seriuosly No Wonder only 32% of american’s still trust the main-stream news media

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