Scientists Ascribe Climate Changes To Solar Forcing – No CO2 Attribution

In recent months, there have been dozens of papers published in the scientific literature ascribing variations in temperature and precipitation (climate) to corresponding variations in solar forcing.

Another new paper, Zhang et al., 2017, has just been published online.  The nine scientists contributing to the research place special emphasis on the relationship between solar activity and climate for the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau region of Central Asia for the last 10,000-12,000 years.

The authors link high and low solar activity to correspondingly high and low temperatures and precipitation.  Undulating millennial- and centennial-scale temperatures are found to vary by about 2.5°C throughout the Holocene.   No mention is made of carbon dioxide as an influential factor affecting climate change.

Although the instrumental record for the region documents an abrupt warming in recent decades (which aligns with the Modern Grand Maximum), the proxy evidence from subfossil chironomids used to reconstruct temperature does not show a significant or unusual regional warming trend during the last century.

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    Spurwing Plover


    The sun solar flares and sun spots have more effect on the weather then do SUV’s backyard BBQ’s Livestock,Poultry and and industies and the stupid front cover for Gores junk science fake documentry A INCONVENT TRUTH showing a Hurricane coming out of a factory smokestacks is false and misleading and the EDF making those Gloabal Warming ads on TV using kids is more false and misleading advertising as with all those who use Global Warming/Climate Change in their ads

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    The climate con is unwinding . Gee the sun runs the climate show . Who knew ?
    People will wonder how the scary global warming farce ever got this far . That will be
    another Obama legacy . Mr. Trumps will be he kept his promise and stopped the biggest fraud in history . It’s about time . Ten walls and thousands of schools could have been built with the $Billions poured into the climate changers black hole .
    The climate con men like the Enron crooks should be put away for life .

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      One of the biggest errors we make is to assume that the Climate Conspiracy has a single written agenda and meets all-together in formal meetings to carefully plan their next moves. It’s never been that way because leftists can never agree exactly who is to be assigned power and wealth under the new order.

      The climate scam is only intended to topple liberty, sovereignty, and free markets – the one thing socialists CAN agree upon. After that it would be a chaotic free-for-all as these con artists, extortionists, and common criminals fight among themselves for power and control of our lives.

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