Science In 1941: ‘Global Warming Caused Hitler’

fascism clippinIncreasing warmer temperatures throughout the world may produce a trend toward dictatorial governments in the opinion of Dr Clarence A Mills, professor of experimental medicine at the University of Cincinnati. In fact, Dr Mills believes that the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benito Mussolini in Italy may be due in part to the gradual warming temperature of the world. —The Mason City Globe-Gazette, 27 March 1941

It was a time of yuppies, flash cars, shoulder pads and big hair, but it appears the 1980s was also a key turning point for the world’s climate, research has suggested. Scientists have discovered there was a huge shift in the environment that swept across the globe affecting ecosystems from the depths of the oceans to the upper atmosphere. They said an abrupt spurt of global warming, fuelled by human activity and a volcanic eruption in Mexico, is believed to have triggered these changes between 1984 and 1988. The researchers said the global warming that occurred in the 1980s was the largest shift in the climate to have occurred in around 1,000 years. –Richard Gray, Daily Mail, 24 November 2015

Britain’s green energy barons are getting huge taxpayer subsidies to install diesel generators — exactly the kind of polluting energy source their wind and solar farms are meant to replace. Wind and solar power firms are being encouraged to install the generators, which pour out CO2, a greenhouse gas, and toxic nitrogen dioxide, on their sites in order to provide standby generating capacity and prevent the lights going out during periods of peak demand. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) is offering consumer-funded subsidies to firms that install such “short-term operating reserve” because Britain has invested so little in large new power stations that there is a risk of winter power cuts. –Josh Boswell and Jonathan Leake, The Sunday Times, 22 November 2015

European Union’s stringent renewable energy requirements are forcing coal-based power plants to use biomass fuel. Swaths of woodlands in Southeastern United States are being cut down to fuel the biomass boom across the Atlantic. A new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council has pointed out that 15 million acres of unprotected forests in the Southeastern United States, home to more than 600 imperiled, threatened or endangered species are at risk due to booming wood exports EU and UK. Debbie Hammel, the director of the Land Markets Initiative at NRDC says that Europe must cut down the subsidies for biomass based power plants to save forests in the United States. Kesavan Unnikrishnan, Digital Journal, 24 November 2015

Despite a 63% drop in rigs drilling for oil in the three key shale regions since last November, oil production in those regions has barely budged from peak levels in 2015. In fact, new wells in the Bakken are pumping up to 50% more oil than those drilled at the beginning of 2015. Operators are finding ways to do more with less. If you think this kind of resilience is without precedent, just look at natural gas. There are 199 rigs drilling for natural gas today, down from more than 1,600 in 2008. And yet, U.S. shale gas production today is at record levels even as prices test new lows. –Sam Ori, The Wall Street Journal, 20 November 2015

It’s routinely claimed that climate-change-induced drought in Syria was a major factor in triggering the Syrian civil war, the Syrian refugee crisis and the rise of ISIS. But are these claims supported by the data? Average annual rainfall during the 2006-2011 period was only 9% lower than average annual rainfall over the preceding 55 years. The driest year during the period (2011) was only the seventh driest on record and 2006-2011 was only the 13th driest six-year period on record. Clearly the crop failures in the farming villages around Aleppo – which undoubtedly occurred – weren’t caused by a drought of Biblical proportions. In fact there doesn’t seem to have been a drought at Aleppo at all. –Roger Andrews, Energy Matters, 24 November 2015

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    Yes that’s right folks , if we can only adjust the earth’s temperature by a couple of degrees the Syrian war and ISIS will be all better . Heh , while we at it we can even adjust it a further 2 degrees and turn Syria into a glacier .

    We are now entering the maximum unsubstantiated global warming BS stage .

    Any bets we never get to see another scary global warming IPCC report once the carbon tax noose is
    set next month ?

    Instant new $$Billionaires fawning over themselves in Paris and saving the planet too . Could it get any better ?

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      somehow… I’m sure it will

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        That’s peanuts! 😆

        [i][b]The Climate Crisis & Renewable Energy Industry has become a $1.5-trillion-a-year business! [/b]That’s equal to the annual economic activity generated by the entire US nonprofit sector, or all savings over the past ten years from consumers switching to generic drugs. [b]By comparison, [u]annual revenues[/u] for much-vilified Koch Industries are about $115 billion, for ExxonMobil around $365 billion.[/b]

        According to a 200-page analysis by the Climate Change Business Journal, this Climate Industrial Complex can be divided into nine segments: low carbon and renewable power; carbon capture and storage; energy storage, like batteries; energy efficiency; green buildings; transportation; carbon trading; climate change adaptation; and consulting and research. [b]Consulting alone is a $27-billion-per-year industry that handles “reputation management” for companies and tries to link weather events, food shortages and other problems to climate change. [/b]Research includes engineering R&D and climate studies.

        The $1.5-trillion price tag appears to [b]exclude[/b] most of the Big Green environmentalism industry, a $13.4-billion-per-year business in the USA alone. The MacArthur Foundation just gave another $50 million to global warming alarmist groups. Ex-NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Chesapeake Energy [b]gave the Sierra Club $105 million[/b] to wage war on coal (shortly before the Club began waging war on natural gas and Chesapeake Energy, in what some see as poetic justice). Warren Buffett, numerous “progressive” foundations, Vladimir Putin cronies and countless companies also give endless millions to Big Green.

        Our hard-earned tax dollars are likewise only partially included in the CCBJ tally. As professor, author and columnist Larry Bell notes in his new book, Scared Witless: Prophets and profits of climate doom, [b]the U.S. government spent over $185 billion between 2003 and 2010 on climate change items – and this wild spending spree has gotten even worse in the ensuing Obama years.[/b] We are paying for questionable to fraudulent global warming studies, climate-related technology research, loans and tax breaks for Solyndra and other companies that go bankrupt, and “climate adaptation” foreign aid to poor countries.

        Also [b]not [/b]included: the salaries and pensions of thousands of EPA, NOAA, Interior, Energy and other federal bureaucrats who devote endless hours to devising and imposing regulations for Clean Power Plans, drilling and mining bans, renewable energy installations, and countless Climate Crisis, Inc. handouts. A significant part of the $1.9 trillion per year that American businesses and families pay to comply with mountains of federal regulations is also based on climate chaos claims.[/i]

        Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Yes, eco-leftists have discovered long ago the advantage of promoting a cataclysmic, yet vague, and [u]un-provable[/u] phenomenon that can be twisted to justify ANYTHING the eco-leftists demand.

    By making the premise so overly broad and sweeping, the left positioned themselves to have the answer to absolutely everything, while simultaneously condemning anyone who dared question their expertise or motives.

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    Not sure I want to Thank You Gator for your summary of the staggering costs of the green wash complex . When endless expansion of national debt is no longer a concern , $$Trillions blown on subsidies ,left wing green lobby groups , and massive expansion of government without most of the public even aware of what is going on .
    How long can economy built on hot air and uncontrolled spending survive ?
    Does it need to crash before adults start acting like adults ? Apparently so .

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