Ryan unveils plan to roll back Obama-era regulations

ryan paulHouse Speaker Paul Ryan Tuesday unveiled the third installment of his “agenda project,” with a sweeping 57-page plan to roll back regulations on energy and the environment, labor issues and the financial services industry.

The plan commissioned by a task force named by Ryan, R-Wis., is largely a repackaging of GOP agenda items that have failed to advance through the Senate and often been met with veto threats by President Barack Obama.

Bad or unnecessary regulations can slow the economy down significantly, and the evidence suggests red tape is holding back the recovery,” said the report, which Ryan is officially unveiling at an event in front of Labor Department headquarters. “The federal government has taken very few outdated regulations off the books, while constantly adding new ones: 3,408 in 2015 alone.”

Tuesday’s release is the third of a half-dozen reports that are designed to form a positive GOP agenda for the fall campaign. But House Republicans are struggling to be heard above the din created by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The plan takes aim at regulations on global warming and the 2010 overhaul of financial regulation, among others.

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    Another reason to roll back hyper-regulations: After spending trillions of taxpayer dollars and stifling our economy with climate change regulations, we have ZERO to show for it!

    When else has the US sacrificed this much prosperity for absolutely [b]nothing[/b]?

    Leftists continue to tell us the sky is falling and only their socioeconomic prescriptions can “save the planet”. Time for common sense to call them out.

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    The Republicans old guard have no one to blame but themselves if they once again find the party shut out of the White House .
    If Trump gets in it will be in spite of the hugh undertow of the Republican old boys club .
    Going into hibernation for years and then holding up a book not even backed by the majority of voters seems like they haven’t got that team work thing down and the public will see it as need for a further time out . Seems a lot too late and odd unfortunately . Donald watch your back .

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    This is why the country is in the shape it’s in.
    How did a traitorous idiot like Jimmy Carter win ?
    How did a psychotic egomaniac like Johnson win ?
    How did an unqualified imposter like O’Bama win ?
    How did Kennedy ” win ” with undisguised gargantuan election fraud ?

    The MSM covered for them and protected them.

    How did compromising unprincipled jerks like the Bushes and Nixon win ?

    They were despised but given a pass because they were unprincipled RINOS.

    Reagan and Eisenhower were the last presidents of any character.

    Read Eisenhower’s incredibly prescient farewell address and how it so precisely predicted the USA’s failures and the culpability thereof.

    What’s down the road from here ?

    Always remember that we still have to deal with the ” My party , right or wrong ” democrats who will gladly vote for a yellow dog traitor and criminal than vote on any other party line.

    That is precisely what’s wrong with the USA.

    That is precisely why the MSM can get away with its anti-American propaganda.

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    JayPee you have my vote . MSM now has competition and the agenda driven editors who want to preach are doomed . (Guardian )
    There is hope but as evident by AG’s and others who try bully and silence with BS like “the science is settled ” they don’t like the competition . Propaganda is only effective if other voices are silenced and they are trying desperately . No denying that .

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