Rules for Climate Radicals: A Good Tactic is One Your People Enjoy

The one thing the political left knows how to do far better than the political right is to throw a party. The political right will tell you to go to Church on Sunday, be disciplined, be responsible, work hard and stay out of trouble. The political left says come join our PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!!!! One simply needs to look at the recent political events for evidence. Here are photos from the March for Science and People’s Climate March.

Indoctrinating Our Youth:Capture47

Rubbing Elbows with People that Play Scientists on TV:Capture59

Dressing Up in Costumes and Making a Fool of Yourself:Capture58.PNG

Sanctimoniously Lecture Others:Capture60

Express Delusions of Grandeur, Claim to Speak for All the Trees:Capture61

Get to Proudly Use Your Potty Mouths in Public:


Show the World how Powerful, Threatening and Important You Are:Capture52

Show Everyone Just How Popular and Cool You Are:Capture50

Prove to Everyone How Smart You Are:Capture64

Get to Tell Everyone “I’m a Scientist.”Capture35

Get to Pretend You’re a Dinosaur:Capture55

Make a few Bucks Off the Anti-Capitalists:Capture34

Hangout With Communists, Beatniks, and Other Undesirables to Piss Your Parents Off:Capture39

Act Like You Haven’t Learned a Thing Over the Past 70 Years, and Embrace Being Developmentally Arrested Adolescents.Capture39

After Every Party Comes the Hangover:

The unfortunate reality is that while these protesters live in great wealth and benefit from abundant, cheap and easily accessible energy, many in this world do not, and the “Greem Movement” has no answer for these people that are truly suffering in energy poverty.

Sanctimonious Rich Liberals Living in Energy Abundance:Capture51

Suffering Victims of the Green Movement Living in Energy Poverty:firewood