RSPB: We Must Build More Bird-Chopping Eco Crucifixes!

wind turbines kill birdsBritain must build thousands more bat-chomping bird-slicing eco crucifixes in order to stave off “dangerous climate change” says the RSPB.

RSPB stands for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and, no, this is not The Onion.

Yes, Britain’s oldest and biggest ornithological society really has put out a report demanding the erection of yet more avian Cuisinarts ‚Äì despite swathes of evidence showing that these monstrosities are responsible for killing many millions of birds around the world every year.

Its rationale:

The way that we currently use energy in the UK is not sustainable. We use too much of it, we use it inefficiently, and our main sources of energy, fossil fuels, are driving us towards dangerous levels of climate change – one of the greatest long-term threats to wildlife.

In order to save Britain’s wildlife from the alleged threat of climate change, in other words, we’ve got to first got to slice and dice it with the turbine blades that, by some estimates, kill 22 million birds a year.

Britain currently has around 5,000 wind turbines. According to the RSPB, it could do with around 20,000 more. More solar panels too. And wave power. And carbon capture and storage. And herds of organic unicorn to harvest all waste and pollution and magically transform it to special fairy energy which can be sprinkled on the cots of every new born child so as to instil in it a true appreciation of Mother Gaia’s beauty. (I may have invented the last one)

Mysteriously no mention is made of the actual cost of this exercise.

We’re shown a triangle at the beginning which illustrates our ‘energy trilemma’ ‚Äì Environmental Sustainability; Energy Security; and Affordability.

But that’s the last time affordability gets a look in. To do so would be to ground it in the kind of economic reality that ideological greens like the ones that have infested the RSPB would view in much the same way vampires view garlic and holy water.

I’ve written quite a lot before about the disgraceful relationship between the RSPB and the wind industry. It has made hundreds of thousands of pounds from its partnerships with wind companies such as Scottish and Southern Electricity, whose turbines are known to have killed birds including Hen Harriers ‚Äì a protected species which regularly features in the RSPB’s handwringing doomsday literature. It has even erected wind turbines on its nature reserves.

Many ordinary members ‚Äì ones who prefer their birds alive and flying or perched on a tree rather than, say, decapitated at the foot of a wind tower ‚Äì find this very upsetting. Some have resigned their membership.

But there’s not much they can do because, like its sister eco-fascist organisation the RSPCA, the RSPB’s senior echelons have been hijacked by entryists from the more lunatic end of the environmental movement.

Like the proverbial Japanese soldier on the remote Pacific island who refuses to accept that the Emperor has surrendered, these people are stuck in a mental timewarp, in a universe where “global warming” (which hasn’t happened for 19 years) is still a dire threat and where the renewables industry hasn’t been proved to be an unaffordable fraud which does nothing for the environment except deface it with industrial structures.

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