Rhode Island’s AG Sued For Withholding Docs In Global Warming Investigation

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin

A conservative legal group is suing Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin for withholding records regarding a “secret pact” the office has with other attorneys general investigating ExxonMobil’s global warming stance.

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (EELI) is suing Kilmartin’s office for refusing to release some records regarding a “common interest agreement” between Democratic AG offices that participated in a March event hosted by New York AG Eric Schneiderman.

At the event, AGs reaffirmed their commitment to defending Obama administration global warming rules, and some even committed to investigating Exxon and free market think tanks and groups with supposed ties to the oil company. EELI says they have evidence Kilmartin’s office is part of a “secret pact” to come out of the meeting.

“E&E Legal expects to do whatever is necessary to get these public records before the public, to educate on this unprecedented abuse of power”, EELI Executive Director Craig Richardson said in a statement Wednesday.

EELI says Kilmartin’s office has “imposed extensive delays and considerable amounts of fees before handing over some records while refusing to release others,” according to their release. They also say Kilmartin withheld the pact “without even acknowledging its existence in their itemized list of withholdings.”

“All that we have found indicates that these AGs and their outside activist partners will make litigation necessary at every turn,” Richardson said.

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    If they have nothing to hide about their “common interest agreement ” and their meetings with other lobbyist’s what’s the hold up ? Shredder broken ?
    Have any of these AG’s accepted money or favor from those they may be conspiring with while on the payroll of the States that pay their salaries and benefits .
    Are their own State internal audit departments investigating ? If not why not ?
    How did they hook up with Al Gore and who paid their expenses while pursuing their lobby activities ?
    Did they misrepresent all Attorney Generals by trying to create a puffed up image of themselves by using the titles of some . You know the kind propaganda tactic that scary global warming promoters have patented .
    How much State and Federal grant money have eco activists they may be conspiring
    with been paid thanks to tax payers ?
    The string on this big fat ball is going to get pulled no matter how much hide and seek they want to play .

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