Reviews coming in: DiCaprio’s new global warming doc a bomb

dicaprioAs reviews come in for DiCaprio’s global warming doc, he’s learning it’s not as easy as he thought. This is from a left-wing site, The Verge:

Global warming is an objectively urgent crisis facing our planet, so it’s a special achievement that DiCaprio’s film manages to evade that sense of urgency almost entirely. It certainly isn’t for lack of visual stimulation. If you like watching Leonardo DiCaprio do stuff, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s just a partial list of stuff you can watch Leonardo DiCaprio do in this movie: tour the UN with Ban Ki-Moon, speak in front of the UN General Assembly (twice), ride in a snowmobile sled across a melting glacier in Greenland, listen to narwhals coo, push children on a swing on the Pacific Ocean island Palau, tour a washed-out onion field in India, fly over a smoldering Indonesian rainforest, chill with an elephant, gawk at robots inside Tesla’s Gigafactory with Elon Musk, awkwardly greet Secretary of State John Kerry, offer baby orangutans fruit, stroll the White House grounds with President Obama, and kiss the Pope’s hand and give him a book of Hieronymus Bosch paintings.

If that sounds like a lot of stuff to do in one documentary, you’re right. Which gets at Before the Flood‘s primary flaw: a 30,000-foot approach. Unlike well-honed environmental documentaries like Gasland and Blackfish that pick a subject and dig in, Before the Flood offers a smorgasbord of issues, breezing through subjects like strip mining, deforestation, rising oceans, tar sands, desertification, coral reef destruction, vanishing glaciers, and more to paint an overwhelmingly dire vision. Certainly these problems are interrelated, but by taking on so much the documentary breaks down complicated topics — each worthy of investigation! — into bite-sized, reductive takeaways: Solar energy? Good. Eating beef? Bad. Eating chicken? Better. Fossil fuels? Bad. Consuming less? Good!

It’s a worthy takeaway, but any viewer in 2016 who isn’t already aware of most of the issues Before the Flood raises is either uninterested in the subject, or willfully in denial. And if they’re in the latter camp, it’s unlikely Before the Flood will change their mind.

The film is also hampered by a lack of rigor. As an investigation, DiCaprio’s grim — but action-packed! — world tour feels toothless. In a discussion that followed the film’s premiere screening, the actor was lauded for “actually calling out climate deniers by name. I so want to honor you for that,” the moderator gushed. But the individuals DiCaprio calls out — namely the Koch brothers, Fox News anchors, and slew of right-wing congress members, are not bashful about where they stand. In fact, DiCaprio blows the one chance he has for a meaningful confrontation: on a helicopter tour over an oil sand field with an oil executive, DiCaprio fails to ask a single pertinent question. Instead he quips, “It looks like Mordor” to no one in particular. End of scene.

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    Was that a solar powered helicopter taken on the green wash ego trip ?
    Why would anyone so convinced the earth has a fever have owned a house on Malibu
    Beach ?
    If everyone had his carbon footprint the world would be screwed . Walk the talk or bugger off . In any event global warming has far more benefits than global cooling
    so carry on warming the planet in some indiscernible way .
    The real deniers are people who con themselves into believing Mother Nature
    has stopped running the climate show after doing a fine job for over 4 Billion years .
    Stick to acting DiCaprio . Climate changes and warming is overall good. Does anyone deny that ?
    If you have a problem with that move to Antarctica for a year and see what minus 40F degrees feels like day after day .
    If you don’t like the earth’s temperature and you are really scared move your beach furniture and be happy the fish will have a bigger play pen .
    Plants, trees and animals( including humans ) will do a lot better in a warming world than in a cooling world . All the Prius are not about to drop the earth’s temperature
    and why should they anyways .
    Global warming fear mongering was discredited by the rigged climate models that were used to hype the propaganda and were proven to be a joke . Yes climate changes . Congratulations for passing Grade 3 .

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    Spurwing Plover


    All of DiCaprios hypocricy all in one basket maybe someone should have reminded him that the TITANIC was run on COAL the same stuff these stupid enviromentalists want left in the ground and notice the ones doing most of this global Warming talk live in big homes,have their own private jets and airports((John Travolta has a 707)their own yachts and even a fleet of submarines(Like AVATAR director JAMES CAMERON dose)and Robert Redford opposes drill for oil while narrating commercials for UNITED AIRLINES and so far none of their homes have any Solar Pannels(Which harms birds)and none of them have made a move to go live in a cave

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