Resurging German Free Democrats Coming Out Against Out-Of-Control Wind Energy

René Rock

Over the past few years, Germans have been increasing their protests against the construction of wind turbines in the countryside and the industrial littering of the landscape.

Hundreds of citizens’ protest groups have since formed with the aim of fiercely opposing the construction of wind parks in forests, open landscapes and near residential areas.

The level of resistance has reached the point where politicians are taking real notice and now view it as a political issue worth adopting.

The latest sign of this happening comes from the FDP Free Democrats, who have been resurging in Germany as of late. Last Sunday the party saw a record number of voters turn out in the state elections of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Greens, on the other hand, saw almost half of their voters disappear.

Further south in the German state of Hesse, home of Frankfurt, parliamentarian René Rock, FDP fraction energy policy spokesman, has called for the return of “an energy policy of reason” and come out “with great passion against a purely ideologically motivated building of further wind parks in the Hesse“.

Rock’s website here states:

Wind energy is neither economically nor climate-politically sensible, it endangers the health of people and wildlife, and it destroys the beautiful and valuable natural and cultural heritage.”

Over the past years, many Germans have been horrified seeing protected forests getting chopped down and cleared to make way for 200-meter tall turbines. Not only is it an eyesore, a danger to wildlife and uneconomical, Rock also adds that Germany’s EEG feed-in act is “the most unsocial law that Germany has ever had and that it must be stopped immediately. It is nothing more than pure redistribution from the bottom up and has put the market economy out of order.”

Rock also calls for a new energy policy that “really protects people, wildlife, and the environment, that is the best market solution and one that foremost researches nuclear fusion.”

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