Republicans Say Obama Used ‘Egregious Lies’ To Justify New National Monuments

Republican lawmakers are pushing back against President Barack Obama’s creation of two new national monuments in two Western states Wednesday.

Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop, who chairs the House committee that oversees public lands issues, said the administration perpetrated two “egregious lies” in its announcement of the Bears Ears and Gold Butte national monuments.

“The announcement perpetuates two egregious lies,” said Bishop, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Obama set aside 1.64 million acres of federal, state and private lands to create two new monuments Wednesday, the most controversial of which is the 1.47 million acre Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah.

The administration said the monuments were similar to those created in legislation passed by House lawmakers in September. That bill was opposed by American Indian tribal officials, but it created smaller monuments that would allow for economic and recreation activity to continue.

“The first being that the size of the monument parallels the Public Lands Initiative,” said Bishop referring to legislation passed by the House in September. “That is not true. The administration is grasping at arguments to justify a lame duck administration’s efforts to do things contrary to the will of the people who live in San Juan County.”

Indians and whites living near Bears Ears supported a smaller monument, and one that would be co-managed by the tribes. The White House created a Bears Ears Commission to give tribes a voice in managing the monument, but Bishop said it’s a distraction.

“The second lie is in the creation of a faux commission to give management authority to Native Americans,” Bishop said in a statement. “This is a diversion.”

“The Utah delegation wants to give management authority to Native Americans; the administration can’t,” he said. “Only Congress can legally do so. This administration over-promised, failed to deliver, and is now trying to hide its ineptitude.”

Obama has designated more than 265 million acres of land as national monuments  — more than any other U.S. president. Republicans have been pushing legislation to curb the president’s ability to unilaterally designate national monuments under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

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    Obama’s last minute flurry of executive orders is a sand castle built at low tide .National monuments abound. Maybe he can rename a mountain or ocean in his own name too .
    The sea of debt he has left the USA in will be his legacy . No executive order reversal is going to make that go away . His declaration that global warming (climate change ) is the world’s biggest threat is so out to lunch even Hillary couldn’t spit that big whopper out .
    The “lost hope ” expressed has more to do with a lost business plan now the jig is up on the global warming hoax .

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