Republican Runs Ominous ‘Sea Level Rise’ Ads In Florida

rep-ileana-ros-lehtinenFlorida Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is running campaign ads touting her fight against sea level rise in Miami, as more and more Democrats point to global warming as the biggest issue facing the country.

Sea level rise has become a hot topic in southern Florida, and Democrats and activists have tied it to man-made global warming. Ros-Lehtinen broke ranks with her party and jumped onto the global warming bandwagon.

Ros-Lehtinen’s campaign committee is running ads, in English and Spanish, claiming she “worked to arrest the effects of sea-level rise: because our community’s jobs depend on pristine beaches and natural beauty.” She’s been endorsed by the Miami Herald, in part, for her environmental stance.

Ros-Lehtinen, whose district is in Miami-Dade County, is bucking her party on issues — like global warming and gay marriage — and has even said she won’t vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump this November.

She also refused to support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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    The Green Party are accepting applications . Who knows they might even get to 3% popularity range . Not sure how a 1″ rise in sea level change (ok an exaggeration )
    is going to alter any holiday plans given it already moves within a 2 to 3 foot range or more every day . Good luck “arresting the effects of sea-level rise” . Would a dropping sea level be OK or is this another climate delusionist attempt to control nature ?

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    “Where the Boys Are” is both an entertaining 1960 movie as well as a catchy Connie Francis song which was the theme tune of the film. However, it now appears that “Where the Boys Are” is performing a great unintended public service. The opening credits of the movie has preserved for us an aerial view just where the ocean of 1960 was in relation to the sand and State Road A1A in Fort Lauderdale. Guess what? The beach is exactly as wide now as it was in 1960.”

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