Republican Budget Would Dismantle EPA Regulatory Overreach

climate protestThe budget proposed by House Republicans would rein in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to issue onerous regulations, especially those imposed by the agency in coordination with environmental activists.

The budget, called “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America,” says “agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continue to implement an unprecedented activist regulatory policy to the detriment of states, localities, small businesses, and energy consumers.”

“This is evidenced in the many ongoing legal challenges facing EPA’s proposed regulations,” according to the proposal.

“This budget reduces annual funding levels for the EPA in order to allow the EPA to focus on its core mission of simply enforcing laws passed by Congress rather than continuously attempting to re-write them through regulations,” according to the plan.

Republicans would make it harder for the EPA to impose massive regulations without doing cost-benefit analyses and getting approval from Congress. The budget proposal would also limit environmentalists’ ability to use “sue and settle tactics to get the EPA to push ever-stricter regulations.

The budget would provide “protections against the abuse of regulatory consent decrees and settlement agreements to force the unfair imposition of new regulations.” It’s a clear attempt to curb activist use of legal threats to kill fossil fuels.

“Sue and settle” occurs when activists sue EPA for missing a statutory deadline to issue a new regulation. Instead of fighting the case, EPA quickly settles with activists who then get their attorney fees paid by taxpayers. This gives the EPA political cover when issuing costly regulations and allows eco-activists to advance their agenda — all while potential critics of the settlement are locked out of the process.

Republicans have been trying to clamp down on the practice for years, as activist lawsuits against EPA have resulted in billions of dollars worth of new regulations. Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa introduced legislation last year to clamp down on lawsuits.

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    When the willful acts of a government agency work against the public interest you don’t reduce it’s core mission you fire the top people and split the corrupt agency into pieces that can be managed by people not out to screw their own country .

    The ambulance chasers will have to find a way to actually earn a living instead of playing under the covers with their friends in government .

    The Democrats have done nothing to rein in this abuse of public trust ? How ironic ,pretending to represent the poor down trodden and then screwing them out of jobs and driving the cost of their energy up so some lawyers can buy bigger swimming pools .
    No wonder Trump is going to kick their ass . People have had it with Washington pigs at the trough .

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    David Lewis


    It is over due for the Republicans to use their control of the budget to rein in the EPA.

    The EPA abuse is extreme. They are using regulations designed to protect the environment to pass what amounts to effective laws that Obama can’t get through Congress.

    The best solution would be cut the EPA’s budget by 100%. The agency should cease to exist and its functions returned to the states. At one time states may have been happy to delegate the responsibility but there are 29 states I’m sure would like to take it back.

    A one size fits all from a dominating central government has never been a good idea. The needs and philosophy of the people of San Francisco California are going to be different than the people of Fairbanks Alaska. Each should have control of the own affairs including EPA functions.

    As far as firing the top people, that won’t happen unless we are able to fire the political party that controls the White House.

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    The USA debt has doubled from $9 trillion in 2008 to over $18 trillion today . Under Obama debt has increased by more than all Presidents combined accumulated and is now unstoppable . Well at least until the debtors finally realize they aren’t getting their money back .

    The insiders know it. How much of the stop “global warming” cash promised is going to buy silence and continued purchases of USA debt ? Nah couldn’t be
    . Too many players would have to be on board .

    At least that conspiracy theory would actually provide some rational for the fraud that is scary global warming .

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    Of course the lenders will never get their money back and the National Debt will never be paid off. What they will get is other equally worthless paper that they can trade as long as the world keeps accepting worthless paper as a medium of exchange.

    To some degree, the world is stuck with this fantastic fictional surrealist projection and must accept it as reality or face total worldwide financial collapse.

    As regards the Fed, they are going to be allowed to criminally continue this fraud because there is no where else for the world to go.

    Don’t worry about anyone refusing to buy USA securities. The Fed itself is buying it, at least on paper.


    And that’s called FRAUD !

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    JayPee In Canada the Prime Minister claims budgets will balance themselves and his Liberal Party just tabled a budget that will add to the national debt every year for the next five years . Elected by 39 % of the voters the majority of people are held to ransom by left wing nut jobs who know one thing… spend future generations money and make them dependent on government .
    Admittedly, not quite the complete joke of USA finances yet but how did this debt binge ever get this far ?

    Scary global warming is nothing more than a deflection strategy by a President that
    has supported a doubling of the USA debt
    on his watch . $50,000 for every person in the USA and growing .

    And people wonder why Donald Trump is
    doing so well . At least he doesn’t consider the hot air scam of the century to be the number one issue .

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