Report: US Would Have Bled 4.5 Mil Jobs Were It Not For The Oil Revolution

keep-it-in-the-ground-protestThe U.S. would have bled millions of jobs and the economy would have contracted by $548 billion were it not for the explosion in oil and gas development, according to a report by an energy industry group.

An analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that the natural gas revolution generated more than 4.3 million jobs and injected nearly half a trillion dollars into the economy. It also determined that all those jobs would have been lost had the so-called “Keep it in the Ground” movement succeeded in suffocating the oil revolution.

The group compared data from 2015 to similar data in 2009, when the public first began to notice a massive uptick in energy production. Analysts used models comparing capital investments, energy prices, among other key indicators, to estimate the “multiplier” effects of dramatic energy sector growth.

“The ‘Keep it in the Ground’ movement completely ignores the vast benefits to our nation’s economy that the energy renaissance has brought to us,” Karen Harbert, Chamber of Commerce CEO, said in a press statement Thursday.

She added: “It costs consumers less to drive a car and heat their homes today. And all the while, our nation has been decreasing its energy imports and lowering emissions.”

The group’s analysis also broke down the effects the uptick in energy production has had on battleground states leading up to the national election.

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    Extreme green hasn’t or doesn’t want to admit that a higher standard of living
    brings a higher regard for the environment . The other hypocrites pretending to
    be oh so concerned about the environment but couldn’t last 3 days without the benefit of having abundant fossil fuel energy sources for their private jets , phones, heating
    and food .
    This stupidly needs to be kept in mind to understand how many people will lose their jobs if the Democrats actually do what Hillary claims . Shut fossil fuel down .

    Over 5 million people get pink slips for what a 0.018 degree change (maybe ) in temperature ? How idiotic is that ? All to be replaced by slave wages in Asia .
    The Democrats have become so beholding to Hedge fund billionaires and big donors they have lost their base . Replacing it with grant dependent corporate welfare bums .

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