Report: Trump tells confidants U.S. will leave Paris climate deal


Via Climate DepotMultiple news agencies, including Reuters News, are now reporting that President Donald Trump has privately informed several officials in Washington D.C. that he intends to withdraw from the UN Paris climate pact.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano statement: “A U.S. Clexit (Climate Exit from UN Paris Pact) would be a victory for science. Make no mistake, climate campaigners who tout UN agreements and EPA regulations as a way to control Earth’s temperature and storminess are guilty of belief in superstition.” 

Latest developments below.

Via: Axios

Scoop: Trump tells confidants U.S. will quit Paris climate deal

By Jonathan Swan & Amy Harder

President Trump has privately told multiple people, including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, that he plans to leave the Paris agreement on climate change, according to three sources with direct knowledge.

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Publicly, Trump’s position is that he has not made up his mind and when we asked the White House about these private comments, Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks said, “I think his tweet was clear. He will make a decision this week.”

Why this matters: Pulling out of Paris is the biggest thing Trump could to do unravel Obama’s climate policies. It also sends a stark and combative signal to the rest of the world that working with other nations on climate change isn’t a priority to the Trump administration. And pulling out threatens to unravel the ambition of the entire deal, given how integral former President Obama was in making it come together in the first place.

Caveat: Although Trump made it clear during the campaign and in multiple conversations before his overseas trip that he favored withdrawal, he has been known to abruptly change his mind — and often floats notions to gauge the reaction of friends and aides. On the trip, he spent many hours with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, powerful advisers who back the deal.

Behind-the-scenes: The mood inside the EPA this week has been one of nervous optimism. In a senior staff meeting earlier this week, Pruitt told aides he wanted them to pump the brakes on publicly lobbying for withdrawal from Paris.


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    All 60 plus million President Trump supporters really ask is that
    he keep his promises . If he does that they have his back .
    His enemies won’t suddenly throw rose pedals and besides it
    is plain and simply the best thing for the country .
    Good on him for having the balls to resist the globalist and grant seekers .
    It’s about time .
    Time to solve some real problems .

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    Spurwing Plover


    We need to totaly pull out of the Useless Nations they have failed to bring about World Peace they want americans to surrender their soventry to the NWO(New World Order)disarm americans and surrender our private property to a bunch of so called refugees to squat on your farm and do nothing

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    Not good enough… He needs to tell the world socialists at Paris to go (____) themselves at the same time. Where’s the accounting for the lost wealth and resources so far? They’ve already done immense harm to the modern world with this epic regressive scam, and they need to be called out. Truth to power.

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