Report: Growing Electric Vehicle Ownership Craters Gas Tax Revenues

Gas tax revenue is expected to plummet in the U.S. during the next decade if electric vehicle sales take up more than half of all new car sales, according to a report published Wednesday.

Even conservative forecasts of electric vehicles adoption will dramatically affect gas tax revenues in places like California and in other states with a high concentrate of Teslas, a research note from Citi points out.

“If electric vehicles represent 60% of new car sales by 2030, annual tax revenue in 2030 (federal and state combined) could be reduced by $10 [billion], or ~14%, versus a scenario where EV sales stay flat at 1%,” the note states.

Revenue could dip by as much as $3 billion if electric vehicles like Tesla’s Model 3 take up 20 percent of overall sales, according to Citi, the financial research arm of Citibank.

The report could affect states with a high number of electric vehicles, such as California, which recently passed the country’s largest gas tax.

California’s new gas tax is leap-frogging Pennsylvania, at $0.50 per gallon, with New York at $0.42 following closely behind. The Golden State’s gas tax would increase from $0.40 to $0.52.

Gas taxes are supposed to provide revenue for road construction, maintenance, repair, and improvements, but states typically divert much of the money to other sources. In 2013, for instance, gas taxes and motor vehicle license fees paid for 40 percent of state and local road spending.

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    “If electric vehicles represent 60% of new car sales…gas tax revenues will go down.” Well, you don’t say! How about “If pigs fly…no one would need the airlines.” The two have about the same chance of happening by 2030.
    Never fear, if California starts losing revenue due to electric cars, they will surely tax the electricity used to charge them. Tax revenues are NEVER permitted to drop.

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    “Saving the planet ” is first and foremost just an excuse to tax consumption because income taxes have already plucked the golden goose to a point of diminishing returns . The bigger the decline in fossil fuel use the higher the tax . All these “price signal ” social engineering tax grabs all do the same thing in a regulated utility environment . Demand decreases from rate payers is followed with higher rates to keep the utility whole and earn their allowed rate of return .
    The next liberal encroachment is getting access to individual end users energy use so they can stick their finger into peoples chest
    with self righteous indignation like those recycling ads that really just put a face to the politically correct Liberal snowflakes .

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