Report Finds Obama Hiding $60 Billion In Regulatory Costs

obama loves his regsObama administration regulations already cost the economy nearly $2 trillion last year, and a new report found the White House failed to report more than $60 billion in regulations.

“These are costs imposed by the regulation, but not listed or tabulated by the White House,” according to a report by Sam Batkins, the director of regulatory policy at the right-leaning American Action Forum.

Batkins found “an additional $61.2 billion in unreported costs” in a review of federal regulations. In just seven regulations, Batkins found 43 paperwork requirements that did not report the costs of compliance, which means billions of dollars in regulatory costs go unreported by federal agencies.

“These findings are sobering because AAF surveyed just the largest paperwork requirements and found more than $60 billion in omissions,” Batkins wrote. “But can the public trust that these rules actually cost $60 billion?”

“Judging from the data, it seems regulators have no clue about the costs and benefits of federal regulation. That should give the public and regulators pause,” he added.

The Obama administration has imposed massive regulatory costs on the economy. The White House says regulations impose nearly $1.8 trillion in compliance costs every year, but officials assure the public the claimed benefits of these rules greatly outweigh the costs.

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    ” The most transparent administration in American history “

    To some degree, that’s true !

    You can see right through him.

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    Would someone please let the adults back in the room ? You can possibly understand why the politicians don’t have a handle about what is going on but where are the auditors . Is it just to big a mess too come to grips with ? Or are the bureaucrats just so fed up with talking to a wall ?
    Someone is burying this $$Billion heist .

    The EPA hands out grant money to consultants (lobbyist’s) ? Isn’t that akin to giving bullets to the enemy ? What other government departments give out money to lobbyist’s ?

    If as it seems the inmates run the asylum
    it is time to make choices about which departments need to be shut down or outsourced .

    The GAO needs to be listened to and recommendations enacted by people assigned that task . The GAO can audit all they want but if their is little follow-up action their efforts are in vain . That is not what preserving the public is about .

    The public is paying for goods and services that are not being delivered in some cases with the public interest coming first .

    Time for a massive over hall of

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