Questions Arise Concerning Whether GOP Candidates Remain Climate Skeptics

Remaining GOP candidatesAn article published by MSNBC reports leading Republican presidential candidates who once denied humans are the cause of global warming are now softening their stance and subtly embracing the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory.

MSNBC advances its claim some candidates are moderating their views on the threat of climate change by pointing to real estate billionaire Donald Trump’s recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends morning show, where he said, “Obviously, I joke [about global warming]. I know much about climate change, and I often joke that this is done for the benefit of China.”

MSNBC contrasts this statement with posts made by Trump on social media site Twitter between 2012 and early 2015, in which he said climate change was a “con job,” a “canard,” a “hoax,” and a concept “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

MSNBC also points to an appearance by Trump on conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, during which Trump, while criticizing President Barack Obama for trying “to solve a problem that I don’t think in any major fashion exists,” seemingly opened the door to the possibility climate change may create, at the very least, small problems in the future.

Trump isn’t the only candidate MSNBC says has reversed his position on climate change. The MSNBC article claims Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) stressed he’s “not skeptical” of climate change at a September 2015 GOP debate, although MSNBC acknowledges Rubio rejected Obama’s particular response to climate change, because Rubio says he is certain Obama’s climate change policies will harm the economy without slowing global warming.

MSNBC contrasts Rubio’s supposed backtracking with statements he made two years ago, in which he denied humans were causing climate change entirely.

“I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate,” Rubio said on ABC News’ This Week in 2014.

MSNBC says the lone holdout among the Republican field is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R), who MSNBC says has never wavered in his claim climate change is “the perfect pseudo-scientific theory.”

Doesn’t Buy the Premise

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot, says he does not believe MSNBC’s claim many of the Republican candidates are changing their views on climate change is accurate.

“Let’s start with Trump,” Morano said. “He has not backed away from anything. He made some really silly comments about climate, about how China started it and mocking AGW when it snows, and now [he] sounds perfectly nuanced and sound on the issue.” 

“I don’t see a shift in Trump,” Morano said. 

“Rubio has been a deer in the headlights when it comes to climate change … He makes a reasonable skeptical statement and then seems to back away,” Morano said. 

Morano says Cruz has always been the strongest critic of climate alarmism.

“Cruz is the most well-versed and the strongest candidate who understands global warming issues,” Morano said.

“So the Republican presidential candidates have not really softened their skepticism on global warming,” Morano said. “This is a warmist-mainstream media created narrative [that is] not backed up by facts.” 

Other analysts have also detected little change in leading GOP presidential candidates views on global warming.

“I don’t see any significant changes in the GOP candidates’ positions on climate change,” said Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “I have no idea what Donald Trump may do on climate and energy policy if elected president, since he says a lot of things, but his deeds don’t often match his rhetoric.”

“Sens. Cruz and Rubio have slightly different understandings of climate science, but their policy positions are very close,” said Ebell. “Cruz and Rubio have both said that they will overturn the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules.

“Sen. Cruz promised to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty, while Sen. Rubio promised to submit it to the Senate, with the understanding the Senate will defeat ratification,” said Ebell.

Standing Up to the United Nations and EPA

“If any Republican candidate but Cruz is elected president, hopefully a President Trump or Rubio would stand up to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the U.N. Paris agreement, as well as reverse the EPA regulations,” Morano said. 

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    Al Shelton


    Well, forget about Rubio. He’s out.
    Cruz is anti AGW and Trump will not become a believer in AGW.
    Once he fully understands that CO2 does not cause global warming/climate change, he will not support it.
    He will, likely, put down Hitlery about her belief in AGW during any debate.

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    I disagree on Trump. Like everything else, he sees the entire list of climate change activist’s demands as [u]negotiable[/u] for something else that might benefit Donald Trump.

    True at least that we will always know where he stands… He stands for Donald Trump.

    On the other hand there is still a candidate who has a solid record of placing the Constitution as foremost, but unfortunately he never had a reality TV show.

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    Hillary pledged to shut down fossil fuel , eliminate coal miners jobs , and coal companies . On the other hand she claims to support the steel industry . It’s just that it will be China’s steel industry f she were dumb enough to honour her pledge .
    Memo to Hillary .. What the F do you and your stupid socialist insiders think steel is made from ? Which hedge fund billionaires
    are paying the Clinton campaign bills ?

    She complains about USA companies out sourcing yet sat on WalMart’s board that
    has Made in China labels on shall we say a fair bit of their lovely cheap (some would say crap ) merchandise.

    Backed by 1percenters ,hedge fund billionaires ,and outsourcers . Whew, at least it isn’t those dirty coal people she likes to pick on . What no donations ?

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    Yeah, MSNBC, since they are all for climate change and everything else socialist, why are useing this to do what to Trump again? Ya think they would be backing him wouldn’t ya!
    But then again It’s MSNBC, enough said! 😀

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    People like Trump because he talks like most people , though you may not agree with him ,and he has bought enough political favors to know how it works . It is a credit to him that he doesn’t just sit around pool side count his cash . The border wall and other pure nonsense are part of his schlock but at least he doesn’t attack American workers jobs as a campaign promise . The Democrats used to proudly represent USA industry not threaten to shut them down . We should know by now who
    is paying for the Democrat puppets .

    Trump and Cruz must scare the crap out the imbedded lobbyist industry that has infected Washington politicians .

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    Ever notice how the breacy extreme green newspapers are the ones crashing and burning . Guardian loose $85 million and announces mass layoffs . The Vancouver Sun sicking their preachy left wing opinion writer out to advocate government funding of failing newspapers instead of getting rid of the losers who are causing their circulation to tank .

    Who is next the LA Times ? Wake up you stupid Editors nobody is buying your preachy,arrogant narrow view of the world . Good riddance . Don’t expect tax payers to bail you out of your poor decisions . You aren’t banks or auto companies .

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