Protesters fail to stall hearing on Trump’s energy nominees

Previous protest and arrest at FERC confirmation hearing in June.

Protesters failed to shut down a Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday where President Trump’s energy appointees were being vetted to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and staff the Interior Department.

They chanted “no eminent domain for private gain” before the nominees were sworn in to answer questions, prompting the committee chairman to slam the gavel to silence them. Capitol Police escorted the protesters out.

But the protests weren’t over. As the appointees were in the process of being sworn in to answer questions at their first confirmation hearing, others chimed in.

“Mind your conscience, FERC is destroying our atmosphere,” protesters yelled as the nominees were being sworn in.

Protesters could be seen as they were placed in handcuffs outside the hearing room in the Senate Dirksen Office Building.

The FERC appointees being considered Thursday included Kevin McIntyre, a former industry adviser, to be the agency’s Republican chairman. Democrat Richard Glick, who serves as the energy committee’s general counsel for the minority, was also being considered Thursday at the hearing to be a member of the commission.

The five-member commission is made up of two Republicans and two Democrats, and the chairman, who holds the same party affiliation as the president.

In recent years, the commission has become a major target by environmental groups and climate change activists who see it as a rubber stamp for pipelines that help drive shale energy development.

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