Protesters are environmental hypocrites

Few things pollute the earth more than when leftists gather to protest.

Let’s reminisce for old time’s sake.

Leftists described the 2011 Occupy Movement as a breath of fresh air, although movement trash rats deposited their bowel movements on police cars and Zuccotti Park doorsteps. They also left tons of foul rubbish on streets. Democrats are all about handouts, so maybe they should have handed out doggie doo bags.

How about Earth Day 2014? Leftists worried about global warming trashed the protest grounds, then left others to worry about the mess. It should have been called a “garbage march.” Did the tree huggers ever contemplate how many trees were sacrificed to create their protest signs on unrecyclable colored paper?

It was the same game by a different name in 2016, when Dakota Access Pipeline protesters gathered in the name of clean land and water. Six months later, protesters left behind mountains of garbage which quickly turned into frozen iceberg-sized chunks of junk. Sanitation crews scurried to remove the approximately 250 truckloads of garbage before the spring thaw so it would not turn to toxic waste. Law enforcement officials reported protesters had also set multiple fires in the area.

After these environmental hypocrites vacated the site, two abandoned dogs and six puppies were found roaming the area in the extreme cold. In addition, West Dakota news station KFYR-TV reports a fisherman found the body of a confirmed protester in a river located near a protest camp site.

How any of that helps land and drinking water is beyond comprehension.

Leftists’ words and actions rarely align. They protest simply for the sake of protesting. Lately, all their protests have the same anti-Trump theme cloaked under the pretense of one benign cause or another. Talk about accomplishments, in his first 100 days, President Trump motivated more people to get off their couch than Michelle Obama did in 8 years!

Leftist women turned off the Hallmark Channel and got moving on January 21, 2017, for the anti-Trump Women’s March. Although the environment was one of the issues they protested, they lived up to their self-proclaimed “nastiness” with a nasty trail of trash left behind. Obviously, their love for the Earth was trumped by their hate for Trump. They yak about equality then expect others to clean up their mess.

Same march, different Saturday, leftists usurped Earth Day 2017, theming it as an anti-Trump march for science, obviously intended to polarize the man-caused global warming skeptics among us, which are many. Frankly, Earth Day should be renamed as “Trash Bash” given these science slobs’ history of leaving litter in their wake as they foot stomp in fascist fashion, demanding a cleaner Earth.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Just about what happnes after some silly Earthday parade and protest like after the Sept 2014 Useful Idiots Climate March the moutians of trash they left behind was far more in just one day then NYC dose in One Month and just like at Standing Rock as well the usial useful idiots gather for some silly protest carry sign and banners with idiotic slogans on them chante mindless babblings of mindless nonsense and sing dumb enviromental themed songs and leave behind a mt Everest size mess

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    Let’s review who these people are:

    Typical fawning news coverage shows repeated images of these protesters, all of whom are held in serious and respected regard by the left-media. These misbehaved fools look like an angry gathering of venomous Comic-con characters wearing goofy outfits and waving leftist-approved signs of slander.
    This people break into one of three demographic groups: Clueless snowflake college students, and their aging, ex-hippie, socialist professors, and leftist “community activists”.
    The other group that forms are the new KKK. These are the urban terrorist punks now dressed in all-black, with face masks, and often carrying battle sticks or other weapons. Like their brothers in the KKK, they insight violence, shout filthy slurs, deny free speech rights and civil liberties, damage private and public property, and light bonfires, all while safely hiding behind their hooded masks. Serious socialist movements have always employed some version of these “anarchists” to create unrest and chaos so as to make it appear that a country’s entire social fabric is disintegrating. If not for a sympathetic leftist-dominated media and police who have been issued stand-down orders, these small, but well-organized groups of criminals would be exposed, arrested, and prosecuted for hate crimes, just like their brothers wearing white sheets.

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