President Obama’s obligation is to prioritize immediate dangers

obama whdotgovePresident Barack Obama’s attendance at the Nov. 30 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris on the heels of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks there is interesting considering he has blamed terrorism on climate change and sees it – not terrorism – as a greater threat.

Case in point, in his 2015 State of the Union address he said, “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change,” and he told Vox earlier this year he “absolutely” believes the media “overstates the level of alarm people should have about terrorism” as opposed to “climate change.”

The climate change movement does have teeth as evidenced by its support from virtually every left-leaning organization in the world. Then again, as a $1.5 trillion dollar-a-year industry, there’s a lot of financial incentive to back it. But is it really about concern for the planet considering there is only, at most, conflicting evidence of a threat, or are other motives, besides financial, at play?

Climate alarmists warn about melting glaciers, but ignore National Park Service data on glacier expansion in some parts, and they cite storms like Katrina and Sandy as evidence of global warming-induced calamities, but don’t acknowledge these weren’t even the worst storms in history (regarding intensity, not physical damage due to today’s denser populations/infrastructure).

Alarmists present global warming as unquestionable fact, but ignore National Climatic Data Center, NASA and other findings that temperatures have risen and declined regularly for the past 100 years as part of normal weather patterns that pose no threat and that any warming of the past century is virtually insignificant at 0.8° C, or that we may even be in a cooling trend.

And while Obama likes to cite NASA’s recent assertion that 2014 was the hottest year on record, he doesn’t mention that NASA also later admitted it was mistaken.

The bottom line is, findings are conflicting, making the issue debatable (a debate some climate alarmists want outlawed), whereas it’s indisputable that people really are dying at the hands of terrorists.

Nonetheless we spend about $22 billion annually on dubious climate threats that even scientists at the Climate Research Unit in England were caught saying was a hoax. But despite the enormous spending, former Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Charles McConnel testified that “at best” all our climate efforts might reduce the global temperature by only “one hundredth of one degree.”

When asked in a congressional hearing about the benefit of this to the planet, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted, “The value of this isn’t measured in that way. It’s measured in showing strong domestic action.”

At least McCarthy’s confession gets us a little closer to what the real motives behind the climate change movement might actually have been all along. As cited by Forbes, former U.S. Sen. Timothy Wirth (D-Colo.) said at the 1992 Rio Climate Summit, “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we’ll be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy.”

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    leaving the usa
    wide open to attack
    wide open to terrorist invasion
    wide open to economic disaster
    obama’s priority

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    Governments are desperate for cash hence the alignment of interests around a pretend crisis ,the great global warming fraud .

    The MSM (print ) is a dying industry with a high level of self interest to promote their cheaper on line product that produces much higher margins while appearing to be politically correct .

    In Canada the Premiers have figured out how to play in their green Prime Ministers sandbox and can’t wait for the cash expected from the promised $10 -$20 Billion deficit this year .

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    When world leaders are prepared to promote and tax based one gross exaggerations and falsehoods of the global warming scam what else are they lying about ?

    Once the tax regime is in place and the conmen and government promoters have hit the peoples tax vein scary global warming will drift off into the sunset . …until they need more cash .

    I would like to see the internal government projections of tax revenue shrinkage due to the elimination of industry in the “developed nation ” with an older population buying less junk to tax .. Nothing like a carbon tax to stem the bleeding and throwing in an annual save the planet conference is such a win /win .

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      They operate just like the Cuomo-believed non-existent Mafia.
      They want to skim money from everywhere. From all economic activity.

      That’s essentially what a tax is, what Mafia tribute is, and what some computer software giants want to impose too.
      The collection of a fee no matter what size for all economic activity as if you have no right to breathe, eat, evacuate or trade without their compensated approval.


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    So, Obama claims before the world that what terrorists fear most is the west perusing a climate change agenda…

    Meanwhile in Manila, Obama seems only [u]annoyed[/u] that terrorist mass murder has diverted attention from his campaign to reorder world governments and their economies via climate change initiatives, while he saves his most animated wrath for [u]Republicans[/u].

    Interesting how he seeks to essentially place terrorists and free market advocates in the same category…

    Presidential statesmanship at its finest.

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