President Jerry Brown?

To get a whiff at how weak the Democratic candidate pool has become, get a load of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest tease:

“I don’t think I’m running for office,” he quipped during a news conference as he stood on an unused Concord road flanked by a sea of orange-vest-clad construction workers and more formally dressed politicians, including state Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Le√≥n, D-Los Angeles and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount (Los Angeles County).

“I only have lieutenant governor, treasurer, and controller left,” Brown said.

Someone in the crowd shouted out: “President.”

“But I’d be 82 then,” he said, pausing. “Don’t rule it out.”

Incredibly, it might just happen, given the shallowness of the Democratic Party’s candidate pool and its emerging standard-bearers.

The loopy lunatic of off-the-wall-popping-off, Maxine Waters, seems to have moved into a position of leadership in this vortex. Bernie Sanders, like Brown, pushing 80, is also in the running with a void. Seventy-plus Hillary Clinton has gone New Nixon with the headline ‘Hillary Clinton wears leather, talks trash and blows a stop light.’

The just-re-elected House party leader is badly aging Nancy Pelosi. There are the smirking twerpy Castro brothers. There is the hardcore abuser of power in party leader Tom Perez. Then there are Muslim crazies like Keith Ellison to round out the stew. Seriously, who do they have? Brown looks positively statesmanlike compared to this bar scene at Star Wars.

Yet Brown’s record is not assuring. He’s a walking, talking invitation to illegal immigrants to come to the states. His signature accomplishment is the cost-overrun-plagued, overpromised-and-underdelivered Bullet Train that few want anymore.

He’s remain’s the nation’s biggest wacko on global warming and is constantly cooking up new taxes and insulting those who work for a living. He absolutely failed to resolve California’s water drought crisis (unlike his pop, Gov. Pat Brown, the visionary who designed the California aqueduct system to transport abundant water from the north to the parched south) and has made loopy ‘baptism‘ statements about the significance of water instead, living up to his Moonbeam nickname.

His budgets are disasters. One wonders if he can make it to election time before the state gravy runs out. Now he’s talking pork-shoveling infrastructure for the state’s crumbling highways as if he didn’t like them crumbling in the name of global warming earlier.

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    No Mr. Brown you are ruled you out . California can keep you
    and the White House doesn’t stock Depends .

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    Run Jerry run!!! You’re exactly what the Democrats need to represent them accurately!

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    Failed Jesuit Jerry
    ( tell us why they kicked you out Jerry )
    Wants to join the ranks
    ( and I mean RANK )

    Laughable Pinky Lee imitation Bill Nye

    Supremely credentialed scientist Al Gore

    Circular argument Mikey Mann
    who believes computer derived predictions are the same as
    and valid input to derive the models
    and if the future observed data isn’t the same
    it must be adjusted to justify the model
    and prove the prediction

    Maybe fat slob fake-umentarian Mikey Moor
    would like to join in.

    In fact
    I think fat slob Mikey Moor is working on a


    as we speak.

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      In my humble and vouchsafed opinion.
      Otherwise there could be a totally harassment lawsuit launched as if people have no right of opinion or to speak out and object.

      They have that right, it’s called


      Which the DNC and their allied Mazlem interests

      This why they created the legal fiction called


      Ever notice how it is enforced only one way regardless
      how compelling otherwise

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    Spurwing Plover


    Having this blabbering little pinhead in the whitehouse would be far worst then Obama and Clinton he is a total screwball a nincompoop and a poltroon

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