Possible crippling snow for Denver next weekend

“Watching possible huge-impact storm next weekend,” warns meteorologist Dr Ryan Maue. “Severe weather and crippling snowfall including Denver — heading into May.”

“Denver may get blasted with a lot of snow next weekend,” agrees meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “Their biggest storm of the season is on the table. The upper air pattern looks ripe for that.”

“Here are 3 sources watching the increasing possibility that there will be a big snowstorm in the West including Denver next weekend,” says reader Kenneth Simmons. “I relocated from NYS to Denver CO Metro, therefore my interest is heightened.  The NWS at Denver is putting out colder forecast for the weekend each day and now talk of snow with thunderstorms for the period in the Metro area in the long-term forecast. That replaces forecasts of rain yesterday and they day before.”


At weatherbell.com scroll down and click on “Saturday Summary.”

Meanwhile, weather.com is calling for rain next weekend.

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    Spurwing Plover


    Every time it snows somewhere another green nut falls out of the nut tree and gose rolling down the hill across the highway a kenworth comes by and mashed green nut

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