PM Narendra Modi slams developed nations for questioning India’s green norms

Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, IndiaRajasthan Atomic Power Station, IndiaPrime Minister Narendra Modi today hit out at the developed countries for questioning India’s credentials in curbing environmental pollution and said those who “lecture” the country “refuse” to provide nuclear fuel for clean energy”.

Asserting that India was committed to promoting clean energy including nuclear, he said India has “not been” sufficiently projected on the global arena and occasionally perceived to be a barrier in the global climate change fight.

The Prime Minister also urged the world to “ease restrictions” for India on import of nuclear fuel so that India could also produce clean nuclear energy in a big way.

In an apparent reference to western countries which are not providing nuclear fuel to energy-starved India, Modi noted the country has taken several initiatives in clean energy sector including solar and wind.

“See the irony. The world gives lecture on climate but if we tell them that we want to move forward in nuclear energy as it is a good path for environment protection and when we ask them to provide necessary fuel for nuclear energy, they refuse,” he said.

Modi, who was addressing a conference of state environment ministers and officials, launched the National Air Quality Index (AQI) in ten cities to monitor pollution levels.

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    [i]The Ganges is the largest river in India with an extraordinary religious importance for Hindus. Situated along its banks are some of the world’s oldest inhabited cities like Varanasi and Patna. It provides water to about 40% of India’s population across 11 states, serving an estimated population of 500 million people or more, which is larger than any other river in the world. Today, it is [b]considered to be the sixth most polluted river in the world[/b].[/i]

    How about we concern ourselves with real pollution?

    The only concern I have about India and nuclear plants, is that they are 78% Hindu, and Hidus believe in reincarnation. That is why I will [i]never[/i] fly Air India. 😉

    Why else do you think they ride fearlessly, on trains, like this…


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