Physicist Murry Salby Compares CO2 “Pseudo-Science” To The Medical Quackery Of Blood-Letting!

Last month at the University College London, atmospheric scientist Prof. Murry Salby, formerly of Macquarie University in Australia, gave a damning presentation on man-made CO2 and its (lack of) impact on global climate.

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He begins by reminding that climate is a subject of “limited understanding” and that it one of “limited observation” He tells the audience that carbon in the atmosphere cannot be regulated and is NOT a pollutant. On why CO2 science got to where it is today, he cites Mark Twain: “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Neither cleaner nor greener

In his introduction he explains how CO2 will be a pollutant to our ecosystem only when the day arrives that water vapour becomes a pollutant – i.e. never in our geological lifetime.

He says that energy sources that circumvent CO2 emissions are neither greener nor cleaner – just different.

IPCC premise impossible

Later he shows that although humans have emitted twice as much CO2 into the atmosphere over the last decade compared to a decade earlier, growth in atmospheric CO2 concentration did not change at all. He states:

The premise of the IPCC that increased atmospheric CO2 results from fossil fuels emissions is impossible.”

Salby says this is “hardly a surprise”.  During the presentation Salby presents the scientific reasoning why CO2 is not the harmful gas it is claimed to be.

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