‘People’s Climate March’ organizer calls for violence

On March 20, 2017, George Washington University student Aidan Johnston went undercover and attended the 2017 People’s Climate March planning meeting. The March is scheduled for Saturday, April 29 in Washington D.C.

“We wanted to see if this meeting was really about climate change and protecting the environment, or if it was actually about bringing down capitalism and advocating socialism,” said Johnston. “I had no idea that it was going to turn into advocating for violence.”

Reverend Graylan Halger of Plymouth UCC Church in Washington D.C. took to the microphone, called out “greedy” billionaires and the fallacies of capitalism, then threatened violence against those who got in the way of creating a new order.

“We need to jack up those who are trying to jack us up!” “We gotta put our bodies on the line. Somebody, and somebodies, are gonna need to go to jail. And somebodies, are gonna need to disrupt some things in this country.”

Those are just a few excerpts of the things that were said by Halger, all which were met by thunderous applause from the audience.

What does any of this have to do with climate change? Nothing. It’s never been about climate change, it’s always been about using the climate to advance communist policies, and apparently, these activists aren’t afraid to get violent for that.

“This shows that the leaders of the People’s Climate March movement have no problem with advocating for violence to achieve their new order of things,” added Johnston. “It’s actually pretty disturbing.”

This is just one of many instances where the radical left has turned to threatening and attacking opposing viewpoints, especially on college campuses. At Temple University in Philadelphia, green activists stole and destroyed CFACT’s pro-fracking signs, then proceeded to yell obscenities at CFACT activists.

At Portland State University, CFACT interviewed many liberal students and faculty members who were fully supportive of throwing climate skeptics into prison, merely for having a differing opinion.


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    Exposed once again – the true socialist/anarchist climate agenda.

    Just as this Climate March Planning Meeting had little-to-nothing to do with climate, Reverend Graylan Halger and Plymouth UCC Church has little-to-nothing to do with Christian faith. They are simply using their titles and their church as a mere political tool – a front for their socialist politics.

    If this were a conservative movement using similar political premises and calls for violence, the nation’s media would be apoplectic with rage, showering us with 24/7 coverage.

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    Based on Halger comments he better be the first to go to jail . Put his body on the line
    otherwise he looks like a coward inciting others to “disrupt ” things .
    Maybe they will have a little more courage than the masked pepper sprayers last week in California . Strange the preacher isn’t advising his flock of sheep to quit using fossil fuels. Green is the self righteous front for the social inequity they rail against . The $ billion dollar grant dependant renewable industry must love this guy .

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    What a criminal pig lying phony

    The ” church ” he supposedly represents are

    THE PURITANS !!!!!

    Show me anything in the historical record of the Puritans, Congregationalists
    that supports any of the maniacal idiocy of this clown

    He is a liar and a phony and a criminal who inspires violence.

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