Mike Lee’s Office Refutes Claim He’s Secretly Working With Trump To Undo A National Monument

Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s office pushed back against claims made by environmentalists the Republican has made a secret deal with the Trump administration to reverse a national monument designation.

The Western Values Project (WVP), a left-leaning environmental group, sent out an email Wednesday night suggesting the Trump administration had already notified Lee the Bears Ears monument would be rescinded or narrowed.

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Antarctica might go green say scientists (only 2km of ice and 50C of warming to go)

More great journalism from The Guardian:

Climate change is turning Antarctica green, say researchers

Or maybe it isn’t. Check out the brave actual prediction:

“Antarctica is not going to become entirely green, but it will become more green than it currently is,” said Matt Amesbury, co-author of the research from the University of Exeter.

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Obama’s regulatory tailspin has been repealed

Obama’s signed a flurry of 11th-hour regulations.

President Barack Obama’s last few months in office were pretty hard on America. On a mission to cement his legacy, he set out on a final regulatory onslaught to expand the size of government dramatically. His agencies rushed through rule after rule, targeting sectors of the economy that did not sit well with his ideology.

Republicans campaigned on a promise to deliver relief and scale back the size of government. We pledged that we would repeal regulations to create jobs and get the economy moving again. Now, we are delivering on that promise.

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They’re back: Dakota pipeline protesters set up camp to back Iowa farmers

The last thing Iowa County farmers expected to crop up amid their well-groomed corn and soybean fields was a permanent pipeline protest camp, given that the county has no pipeline.

But after the collapse of the Dakota Access protest in February, Christine Nobiss of the Indigenous Iowa blog returned to the Hawkeye State and founded the Little Creek Camp, a collection of tents and teepees dedicated to keeping the spirit of Standing Rock alive.

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Macron Taps Former TV Show Host As Environment Minister

French President Emmanuel Macron brought on Nicolas Hulot, an environmentalist who hosted a TV nature show, as his environment minister.

Hulot’s presence in Macron’s cabinet boosts the new president’s green credentials, but it’s sent stocks in EDF — France’s state-owned utility — spiraling downward. Hulot is an anti-nuclear power activist and will carry out Macron’s promise to decrease France’s reliance on nukes for electricity.

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Oh noes! Antarctica ‘greening’ due to climate change

From the “greening of the planet must be a bad thing” department and the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER comes to this breathless missive. Note: one species of moss is not equal to the implied “all plant life” in their sub-headline. Additionally, sampling only three sites [on the Antarctic Peninsula] isn’t necessarily a representative sample of Antarctica.

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Warmist ABC Admits: Can’t List Any Sceptical Reports

After years of hearing only the alarmist view on the warmist ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), a listener put in an FOI request.

He asks:

The document I seek is a list of links to articles related to “global warming”, “climate change”, “CO2” and “coral bleaching” that represent the sceptical view of those respective debates – as presented by the ABC on all its platforms.

I have listened, viewed and searched for years and I’ve not found any sceptical articles on the ABC’s platforms.

The ABC’s response:

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Climate Alarmists: Global Warming ‘Wreaking Worldwide Havoc’ on Migratory Songbirds

The latest creatures to fall victim to “climate change” are America’s songbirds, joining a growing list of casualties attributed by climate alarmists to manmade changing weather patterns and global temperature shifts.

Warmer temperatures are threatening American songbirds with dwindling numbers due to an inability to successfully breed, a new study from Scientific Reports alleges.

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