Scientist Faces Criminal Charges Because Environmentalists Didn’t Like His Work

A prominent glaciologist is facing criminal charges in Argentina after he released a glacier survey that angered environmental activists because it didn’t result in the closing of a gold mine.

A federal judge charged Ricardo Villalba, who headed the Institute of Snow, Ice and Environmental Research (IANIGLA), with “abusing his authority and violating his duty as a civil servant,” reported.

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Canadian finds polar bears are doing fine — and gets climate-mauled

We take you now deep out onto the frozen floes of Arctic science and polar bears, where the most dangerous threat known to man and bear alike is lurking among the icebergs: Junk science.

As a starting point, we look to a story published December 1st on Vice News’s tech site, Motherboard, that included an interview with U.S. polar bear scientist/activist Stephen Amstrup.

In the article, Amstrup accuses Canadian polar bear scientist Dr. Susan Crockford of filling her bear research with extreme allegations.

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Scientists Claim An ‘Exceptionally Unlikely’ Global Warming Scenario Could Be Worse Than Expected

Scientists put out a new study claiming the worst global warming predictions could be 15 percent worse than models suggest, but that’s based on a scenario experts say is increasingly unlikely to happen.

Patrick Brown and Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science say incorporating observational data of “Earth’s top-of-atmosphere energy budget” shows the “warming projection for the end of the twenty-first century for the steepest radiative forcing scenario is about 15 percent warmer (+0.5 degrees Celsius) … relative to the raw model projections reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

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Britain Starts Dismantling Wind Farms After Successful Lake District Campaign

A dozen 140-ft wind turbines on the edge of the Lake District are due to be dismantled next summer after a decision which could result in many more being removed to restore views.

The council’s decision follows a campaign by the Friends of the Lake District (FLD) and the Open Spaces Society (OSS), which argued that the turbines blighted views from within the Lake District National Park. 

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Trump’s EPA Chief Says Obama Breached Agency Rules Just To Regulate CO2

Former EPA head Lisa Jackson in 2009

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt told House lawmakers on Thursday the Obama administration “short-shrifted” agency processes to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Pruitt’s comments come after conservative groups petitioned him to reconsider the 2009 endangerment finding that gave EPA the power to issue global warming rules. Pruitt said there was a “breach of process” in issuing the finding.

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Giant Fans will cool Great Barrier Reef to stop bleaching

“Air-conditioning” of The Great Barrier Reef begins soon

To calm a few panicking people, the Australian Government will pay for large fans to circulate water on a minuscule portion of the 2,300-kilometer-long (1,429 miles) Great Barrier Reef.

The reef creatures, which have been coping with higher temperatures and bleaching for 200 million years, will hopefully avoid the moving parts.

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Germany’s political meltdown is good news for rationality

The political situation continues to deteriorate in Germany and this is good news for rationality.

The “green queen” Angela Merkel is struggling to retain her leadership position, both in Germany and in the ever-green European Union.

Even if she succeeds she will be greatly weakened at home and Germany will probably lose its hold on Europe. The EU might even come apart at the seams.

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Trump Doubles Down On ‘Energy Dominance,’ Puts Up Millions Of Acres In Alaska For Drilling

National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska

The Bureau of Land Management is auctioning off 10 million acres worth of leases Wednesday for oil and gas exploration in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), 150 miles west of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Republicans in Congress are fighting to open ANWR to oil and gas exploration through the GOP tax bill. The Trump administration is moving ahead with oil drilling in Alaska through the NPR-A, 23 million acres free from the federal restrictions that cover ANWR.

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Utah ‘Monument’ Was a Reward to a Clinton Donor

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

The shrinking in size of two national monuments in Utah by President Trump through executive order was a long overdue rebuke to federal land grabs that have enabled federal control of vast swaths of American land, particularly in the West. As the New York Times noted in 2016:

The United States government owns 47 percent of all land in the West. In some states, including Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, the majority of land is owned by the federal government. Of course, it used to own nearly all of it….

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Two New Papers: 92% Of Polar Bear Subpopulations Stable, Increasing…Inuit Observe ‘Too Many Polar Bears Now’

Inuit: Bears ‘Catch Seals Even If The Ice Is Really Thin’

Scientists: ‘Unlikely Polar Bears Are At Risk From AGW’

Image source: York et al., 2016, Journal of Ecology and Evolution.

Most of the world’s polar bears live in Canada.  Hunters and elders from northern Canada’s native communities have been immersed in studying polar bear ecology for centuries.

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