U.N. Policy Farce … Toothless Paris Switched From ‘Binding Agreement’ To ‘Pledge and Review!’

Unlike the U.S., China’s coal plants don’t have advanced scrubbers to remove pollutants.

What follows are two new papers that once again throw the policy paths promoted by climate activists into question. Hat-tip Kenneth Richard.

Paris Agreement China pledge irresponsible

The first by Harris, 2017, calls China’s Paris pledge on climate change “inadequate and irresponsible” and “little more than business as usual“.

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Earth Day ‘March for Science’ Silent About Past Bogus Predictions

“By the year 2000…there won’t be any more crude oil.”

Yesterday was Earth Day, a time to reflect on all the damage done by human beings to the planet.

The predictions are sobering: 75% of species on planet Earth will disappear by 2050; the temperature will continue rising, contributing to melting glaciers and polar ice caps that will eventually inundate coastal cities; the rain forest is disappearing at an alarming rate and will soon be gone; and air and water pollution are making the planet uninhabitable.

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Possible crippling snow for Denver next weekend

“Watching possible huge-impact storm next weekend,” warns meteorologist Dr Ryan Maue. “Severe weather and crippling snowfall including Denver — heading into May.”

“Denver may get blasted with a lot of snow next weekend,” agrees meteorologist Joe Bastardi. “Their biggest storm of the season is on the table. The upper air pattern looks ripe for that.”

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March for (Political) Science: Earth Day rally doubles as latest anti-Trump protest

Take the Women’s March on Washington, slash its attendance, throw in Bill Nye “the science guy,” and you have the formula for Saturday’s March for Science, the latest in this year’s series of anti-Trump protests.

Framed as a defense of scientific inquiry, the Earth Day march offered a lesson in political science as speakers urged thousands of rain-soaked attendees to fight President Trump’s “anti-science” agenda by advocating more federal funding for research.

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Official Pledges ‘No Quarter’ In Fight Against Wind Turbines In New York

An upstate New York local official has promised “no quarter” in his town’s battle against a planned wind power farm that has Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support.

Yates town councilman John Riggi opposes Apex Clean Energy’s plan to build a 200-megawatt wind turbine project over the objections of local officials and a majority of voters.

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Bill Nye Freaks Out After Scientist Schools Him On Climate Change

William Happer

Comedian Bill Nye accused CNN of doing a “disservice” to its viewers for inviting a well-respected physicist on Earth Day to argue about the legitimacy of man-made global warming.

Nye, who is well known for hosting a children’s TV show in the 1990s, scolded CNN’s “New Day Saturday” panel Saturday for pitting his environmentalist pedigree against the climate skepticism of physicist William Happer.

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Congress Should Investigate the Claim of Scientific Consensus

The claim of “consensus” is one of the pillars of sand that is supporting the climate change political movement. The problem is, the way this conclusion was reached, it isn’t defensible. Searching published articles for certain words doesn’t prove a “consensus.” No one went or record supporting the claims of “consensus,” it all came from research of articles.

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Bill Nye Makes A False Claim About The US Constitution — Again

Bill Nye the “Science Guy” tried to claim the Constitution supported the concerns of thousands of scientists and environmental activists who took to the streets on Earth Day to protest the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts to federal agencies.

“If you suppress science, if you pretend climate change isn’t a real problem, you will fall behind other countries that do invest in science, that do invest in basic research,” Nye told CNN Saturday as the “March for Science” took place.

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Green Energy Poverty Week

April 22 was Earth Day, the March for Science and Lenin’s birthday (which many say is appropriate, since environmentalism is now green on the outside and red, anti-free enterprise on the inside). April 29 will feature the People’s Climate March and the usual meaningless “Climate change is real” inanity.

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Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

President Obama in Kenya checking out a solar panel.

Solar technology in Africa, including my country of Uganda, would bring good news to millions of people who today must use firewood, charcoal and dung for cooking. Millions of Africans die from lung infections caused by breathing fumes from these fires, millions more from eating spoiled food, drinking contaminated water and having spoiled medicines, because we don’t have electricity, sanitation or refrigeration. What we do have in abundance is extensive, sustained poverty.

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