Over 90 percent of Americans unconcerned about global warming

Terrorism, like in San Bernandino, worry Americans more than global warming.Survey shows terrorism, like in San Bernardino, Calif., worry Americans more than global warming.America’s top concern is global terrorism, and not global warming. That’s according to a new global survey released this week showing nearly 91 percent of Americans do not believe global warming is very serious issue. This runs counter to President Obama’s belief that it is the biggest threat facing the U.S. The president even said the Paris Climate Talks—held in early December 2015—were a powerful rebuke to ISIS, but that message didn’t gain any traction with the poll’s respondents, or with Americans.

The results of this poll also come about one-and-a-half months after nations gathered in Paris and agreed to set limits on CO2 emissions. The poll, conducted by YouGov, shows that Americans view global warming as not being a “serious” or “very serious” issue. Americans think, by a wide margin, that ‘global terrorism’ was the country’s biggest problem (when the poll was taken).

This is consistent with recent surveys by Gallup (here and here) and Pew Research that show global warming ranks dead last among Americans. According to YouGov, “samples in 17 countries throughout Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia were asked during November – December 2015 to say which of nine issues facing the world they consider to be a serious issue, and then which one they consider to be the most serious.”

Ironically, Saudi Arabia, which regularly sees temps in the triple digits due to its geographic location, ranks global warming dead last as a concern. Britain is also among the least concerned about global warming as well. The economy and global terrorism were the most pressing matters of the 18,000 online respondents who hailed from 17 countries.

The poll asked online respondents if they thought an issue was either serious or very serious. They then combined the two and averaged the results. YouGov says “its opinion polls are most accurate when compared to its competitors and in particular that its online methodology is more accurate than traditional polling methods.” That means people without access to the Internet, or not asked to participate in the online poll, are not surveyed.

The poll also took place from Nov. to Dec., amidst the Paris terrorist attacks, the San Bernardino, Calif., terror attacks, and the Paris Climate Talks. After the talks, “195 countries agreed to place limits on CO2 emissions and limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.” The Paris agreement is not legally binding and does nothing to slow China and India’s CO2 output.

The deal will “come into force after 2020 through a combination of incentives and voluntary measures, and it includes $100 billion a year in climate finance for developing countries.” The United States, which recently passed a trillion dollar spending spill, earmarked billions of dollars for green projects.

To get the spending bill passed, congress didn’t specify how this “green” money could to be spent. That means the president can shunt millions of taxpayer dollars into the UN’s green slush fund, which doles out money to developing countries affected by “extreme weather” and for not using fossil fuels.

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    The scary ,earth has a fever scam is a form of terrorism . A bunch of mainly white boy crooks selling pure BS for their own enrichment . The net result is people die through fuel poverty or preventable disease
    while the rest fatten their wallets and egos .
    Government grants , feed in tariffs , subsidies , carbon trading , insurance , green wash businesses , carbon taxes ,
    climate protection police , $billions to a massive sink hole of wealth redistribution (less transaction fees ), green group lobby group funding , etc etc .

    Fuel poverty deaths are preventable ,
    as are millions of mosquito related diseases , Compare those to death’s from terrorist attacks and terrorist attacks are a rounding error . The scary global warming scam industry is a racist driven fraud .

    Peal back the smug face of “planet savers ” and population control with large scale
    immediate population reductions are
    right in their wheel house .

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    90 % of Americans unconcerned about global warming . Why would they be ?
    Warming is good …cooling is not a plants and animals friend (humans included ) .

    This simply says 90% of Americans are not fooled by the people hiding behind green masks . Ever notice how their biggest promoters are some of the biggest hypocrites.
    Private jets , yachts , numerous houses ,
    when they are not sitting in their air conditioned offices near their personal parking stalls or getting a hand massage from girl friend $ 200 .

    No kidding 90% of Americans are not duped by these graduates from the Enron school of fraud .

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