On The Eve Of COP21 Paris Talks: World Just Doesn’t Care About Global Warming Any More

cop21The world is losing interest in “global warming” a survey has found on the eve of the UN’s COP21 climate talks in Paris.

Most people in most of the 20 countries surveyed say they don’t want their leaders to set ambitious climate targets.

Fewer than half describe climate change as a “very serious” problem.

The survey, conducted by GlobeScan for the BBC, could scarcely have come at a worst time for the global environmental movement. After the disastrous failure of the last major climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009, they have been pulling out all the stops to make the talks which begin in Paris next week a success.

Earlier this year UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon flew to the Vatican to enlist the Pope’s support; President Obama has declared that there is “no greater threat” than climate change; John Kerry, Hillary Clinton,

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


and the Prince of Wales have all said it’s worse than terrorism; the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has helped out by erasing “the Pause” in global warming; the IUCN has magicked up a study claiming the doing-just-fine polar bears are in trouble….

But the boy has cried wolf too many times and the public just aren’t scared any more.

“The public are less concerned about climate change, and when you put that in the context of the climate conference in Paris, the findings show less support for an ambitious and binding agreement at a global level than there was ahead of COP15 in 2009 in Copenhagen,” said Lionel Bellier, from GlobeScan.

“It’s not an abrupt change of views, the trend seems to be now towards a softer approach.”

According to Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation:

“People have given up on climate hysteria. They don’t want to pay for it and they’re concerned that if they sign up to any binding commitments they will be hurt.”

Peiser believes there are two main reasons for this loss of faith in the green religion.

“First, people are becoming aware that the international community is incapable of reaching any meaningful deal. They think: ‘Well if our governments aren’t taking this problem seriously it can’t be that big a problem.”

Secondly, he says, people are increasingly well informed.

“Twenty years ago, when you had a programme on the BBC about melting ice caps people sat up and noticed. Now they’re so used to these scare stories they’ve become totally cynical. Especially when they read elsewhere that in the first nine months of this year alone, 500 new coal fire power stations were built in Asia…”


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    Global warming fear mongering died about three years ago when the greater general public could no longer be scared by the big bad thingy under the bed, hence the rebrand to scary” climate change” . They could always count on the occasional natural occurring event to help promote the scam .

    The promoters sent out people to make sure the media made the name change as soon as possible because the false predictions of eminent demise were being proven to be nothing but hot air . The Arctic wasn’t ice free and children still knew what snow was . The jig was up thanks to Climate Gate
    and the persistence of the dogs who bit into the pant legs of fraudsters and refuse to let go .

    Paris will be the high water mark of the conmen trying to sell a non-crisis . However the all expensive paid vacations (conferences ) will continue for years to come because there is no greater calling than pretending to save the planet .

    How they get all those puffed up egos in one room remains a mystery.

    The difference this time is they have given up on any real façade to see reductions thus laying bare the real purpose, which is the justification for new and higher taxes, and redistribution of $$billions to third world dictators less a handsome transaction fee to the parasites promoting the scam .

    The 2015 Global Warming Conference in Paris is all about creating instant billionaires .

    Lets hope the world continues to come out of the last ice age and the frauds promoting this scam live out their lives in a cell .

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    The Paris Climate CON -FRANCE is FIFA corruption on steroids . A fake crisis of pretending to save the plant while lining the pockets of it’s promoters .

    Just like the Nazis the scary global warming promoters have created a phantom enemy to justifydoing what they wish . Unlike the relatively modest UN failed and corrupt food for oil program , the great climate con is poised to extract Hundreds of $$ BILLIONS from some countries tax payers that will end up in hedge funds, third world dictators, and the insiders moving the cash around . It will have less oversight than a donut shop until it blows apart
    just like the other $$$ oil for food debacle funneled through the UN .

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    It’s just hard to keep an epic scam rolling in the face of facts and reality… The eco-leftists are running out of time with [i]man made global warming[/i], err, [i]climate change[/i] hysteria. Time to re-label and re-title the phony crisis once again so they can peddle it to an eager mainstream media as truth.

    [i]“Twenty years ago, when you had a programme on the BBC about melting ice caps people sat up and noticed. Now they’re so used to these scare stories they’ve become totally cynical. Especially when they read elsewhere that in the first nine months of this year alone, 500 new coal fire power stations were built in Asia…”[/i]

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    I think we should start a betting line on the next theme/title for “man made global warming” – turned “climate change”.

    [b]What will it be next?[/b]

    Surely the next morph is already forming in the halls of institutions supported by trillions dollar taxpayer funded grants earmarked by leftist politicians.

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    GR82DRV Re Climate Change rebrand .
    Now that the fix is about to be firmly in and some of the money rolling I imagine we will see the new marketing plan will be something like Climate Protection . They will have to get people like Bill Nye out quickly to tell the media what to say and think but they are easily schooled these days .

    Sort of ties all that terrorist fear with the planet having a fever don’t you think ?

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