On PBS, Scribes Gush for Hillary’s ‘Even More Ambitious’ Climate Plan Than Obama

Chris Mooney, WAPO

Chris Mooney, WAPO

On the surface, it might seem quite straightforward and objective to ask two reporters to assess the two candidates on their “climate change” policy approaches. But on Wednesday’s PBS NewsHour, the reporters were not at all objective.

They were Chris Mooney of The Washington Post, who was hired after he wrote the transparently ideological book The Republican War on Science and The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science — and Reality. Then add Coral Davenport of The New York Times, who is a regular recycler — of green scenarios of doom: “Without the Paris climate policies, the planet is headed toward a far more destructive temperature increase of more than 8 degrees Fahrenheit.”

When asked about what a President Trump would do, Davenport said he could ruin the “landmark accord” in Paris to reduce emissions: “The Paris agreement was a landmark accord reached last year in Paris which for the first time joined almost every country on Earth, over 195 countries, into committing to taking actions to reducing their carbon emissions. It was key for the U.S. to be a centerpiece of that.”

So “If the U.S. actually were to pull out of the Paris agreement, the deal could potentially unravel. And so the question now is, what would happen in a Trump administration? And the rest of the world, led by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, is trying to kind of figure out, well, how do we keep the Paris accord intact if there were to be a President Trump?”

Mooney insisted Team Obama and other eco-socialist bureaucrats are trying to fast-forward treaty implementation so that Trump couldn’t undo it. Then the PBS anchor asked about Hillary Clinton, and the reporters were much happier. They expect she’ll be even more extreme than Obama in fighting industries like coal.

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    Sorry Mooney you are a little late. The global warming train has gone off a cliff and the easy money has been made . You might want to pumping global cooling tires… it can’t be far off .

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