Obama’s wind farm rule kills hundreds of eagles, lead bullets don’t

Greens are blaming President Donald Trump for overturning a rule prohibiting the use of lead bullets on national wildlife reserves that some biologists blame for eagle deaths.

But before he left office, President Obama issued 30-year permits allowing the wind industry to legally kill thousands of eagles without penalty.

Still, 30 doctors and scientists sent Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke decrying the use of lead bullets, not wind energy.

The Guardian cites a 2014 study estimating 750 eagles killed over 30 years had died from poisoning, many eating lead bullet fragments inside carrion.

That’s 25 birds a year. Compare that to Obama’s revised permitting rule, which makes it legal for wind farms to “unintentionally” kill up to 4,200 eagles a year without fear of penalty or prison.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) managers said the mounting number of wind farms popping up near their habitats has led to thousands of these raptors getting chopped to pieces.

That’s 126,000 deaths over 30 years compared to poisoning by lead, which estimated only 750 were killed. That’s 168 times more eagle deaths than those from lead bullets.

The “eagle take” permit essentially tells the wind industry that eagles are akin to hunted animals.

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    The eagle represents freedom and that offends globalists like Obama and the
    UN . Imagine if 4200 hundred cuddly polar bears were authorized to be killed per year ,
    the species would be gone in about eight years . How long will Obama’s authorized massacre of eagles take to wipe out eagles and other bird species ? Who exactly is counting all those bird blender massacred birds ? The wind mill generators ?
    The globalists favoured bird is the chicken . Penned and slaughtered after a nice career laying eggs .
    Please keep reversing those idiotic executive orders President Trump .

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    A few years ago bald eagles were brought back to my area, after a long absence (blamed on ddt.) A local farmer was fined heavily because he cut down trees close to the eagles’ nest. When the wind turbine protesters pointed out the danger posed to the eagles, the answer from Toronto was that bald eagles are not on the endangered list.

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