Obama promises more global warming regulations before leaving office

obama-weekly-addressPresident #Obama has announced he’s not quite done rolling out even more regulations to fight global warming before he leaves office. In his weekly address on Saturday, Obama said that 2015 was the hottest year ever (it wasn’t) and 2016 was nipping at its heels. What he didn’t tell viewers is that 2015 and 2016 were affected by a strong, naturally occurring El Ni√±o, which elevated temperatures worldwide and caused all manner of environmental issues. Instead, he blamed the warmer-than-average temperatures on #Climate Change.

More costly regs to come

In his address, Obama said that if we keep pushing forward and show the world that America is a leader on climate change, we can have a “better, cleaner, safer future for our children.” As part of that mission before he leaves office next year, Obama said he was unveiling a new round of rules and costly regulations that will impact every American’s wallet. This includes additional fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles. He also plans to roll out more regulations to meet the goals he set out with Canada and Mexico to meet the 50 percent clean power threshold across North America by 2025. So far neither of our neighbors have meted out anything close to the number of regulations pushed out by this administration.

Think of the children!

Obama also said that he would continue his duty to save our “lands and waters” for our children’s children, ostensibly by making more federal lands off-limits to drilling, fracking, or oil exploration. Since taking office, Obama has dramatically reduced the number of offshore and land-based federal leases for drilling and fracking while not renewing others.

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    Can we get back to basic reasoning and how the this
    Has no standing to object ?

    Who cannot produce a valid Birth certificate
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    Is Giogi Soros
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    interesting about soros
    he doesn’t understand
    a christmas carol
    or how he’ll be remembered

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