Obama barks at climate protesters: ‘You’re interrupting me’

obama-speechA pro-climate change protester interrupted President Obama’s speech on manmade climate change Wednesday, prompting Obama to complain that he was being interrupted.

“I gotcha. Okay. I got you. Thank you. That’s a great banner,” the president said, trying to appease a young woman chanting from a crowd. The protest brought his comments at the Lake Tahoe Summit in Nevada to a full stop for a few moments, and also raised Obama’s hackles a bit.

“I’m about to talk about it though,” Obama said to the protesters, who were trying to shout over him. “So, you’re interrupting me.”

Climate activists have been protesting the administration for moving forward with oil and gas leases, despite the president’s many regulations and support for an international treaty to stop global warming.

“I was going to talk about climate change and why it’s so important,” the president said once they began to quiet down. It wasn’t clear if security was called to usher them out.

Once he got back to making his point, he said it isn’t hearsay that climate change is occurring and that it is manmade.

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    ” he said it isn‚Äôt hearsay that climate change is occurring and that it is manmade.”
    Yet he brings no evidence for his case. The judge will have to rule against his argument if it remains as his testimony is in fact hearsay.
    In God We Trust-all others bring data—He has none to site.

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    Isn’t climate change always occurring ? So what is he saying exactly… humans are now causing climate change but over the last 4.5 billion years it didn’t occur . Now that is a DENIER statement .
    Unbelievable .
    Is he claiming humans have now taken over climate change because of a trace gas (CO2 ) that is essential to growing plants ? Let’s see now… what might have more effect stop driving Volvos or turn off the Sun ?
    This has to be a misquote. If not the world is in far greater danger than a bit of warming which in fact is more positive than negative despite scary claims of the earth has a fever promoters .
    When does the broader scientific community quit cowering and set the record straight
    before their credibility gets shredded by people who point the finger at scientists
    while promoting the overblown global warming fraud ? Yes climate changes yes humans must have an impact (good and bad ) but why not try and solve some real environmental and social issues instead of wasting it on a $$Trillion dollar sting operation .

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