Obama, an atoll, and the sea level rise that isn’t accelerating

obama-atollObama decided to visit an atoll to highlight its vulnerability to sea level rise that isn’t occurring as rapidly as thought. But King Canute (Obama) still insists it’s real, therefore it must be true. Why is Obama so vested in pushing the catastrophic climate change lie? Follow the money straight to the United Nations. From TPM:

Driving on a golf cart past dilapidated buildings left over from World War II, Obama said protecting the atoll and its surroundings was critical to ensuring that delicate ecosystems survive the throes of global warming.

“I look forward to knowing that 20 years from now, 40 years from now, 100 years from now, this is a place where people can still come to and see what a place like this looks like when it’s not overcrowded and destroyed by human populations,” Obama said, his shirt partially unbuttoned in the punishing island sun.

Few Americans have ever visited Midway, with its black-footed albatrosses and spinner dolphins — and that’s exactly Obama’spoint. His visit to the atoll — home to fewer than 50 people — was carefully orchestrated to showcase natural beauty mostly untouched by humans, part of the president’s bid to instill his calls for conservation with a sense of real-life urgency.

Squinting in the sunlight, Obama described Midway Atoll as “hallowed ground,” a nod to the place it occupies in Native Hawaiian tradition. Yet Obama had a policy argument to make, too: It was critically important to examine what damage climate change is inflicting on communities in the Pacific Ocean.

“There are countries that now are at risk, and they have to move as a consequence of climate change,” Obama said.

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