NYT Lambasted For Ignoring Louisiana Floods, So They Ran Stories On Global Warming

louisiana-floodingNew York Times readers were furious their favorite paper didn’t have any coverage of the devastating floods in Louisiana that have killed 11 people and forced thousands more out of their homes.

So, NYT ran two stories to make up for it, both of which talk about how global warming made the flooding even worse.

“Climate change is never going to announce itself by name,” NYT’s Jonah Engel Bromwich wrote Tuesday. “But this is what we should expect it to look like.”

Bromwich’s article, entitled “Flooding in the South Looks a Lot Like Climate Change,” was published three days after flood waters ripped through southern towns, forcing 30,000 people to be rescued from rushing waters.

NYT published another article on the flooding Tuesday. Reporters detailed just how much was wrecked by intense flooding, and all the lives that were affected, but even that story couldn’t resist adding a section on global warming.


NYT was just one of many news outlets to link the Louisiana flooding to man-made global warming, and like many, argued this is what Americans can expect as fossil fuels continue to warm the world.

Former Vice President Al Gore jumped on the global warming bandwagon and blamed the flooding in Louisiana on global warming. Gore did the same for flooding in Houston earlier this year.

“These kinds of record downpours — that’s one of the manifestations of the climate crisis,” Gore said Tuesday.

But the latest research doesn’t support claims that global warming is making floods worse.

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    Kind of a one way game the scary global warming racket . If something happens like rain
    it is that oh so scary global warming but if it doesn’t rain it’s climate change .
    Actually everything can be attributed to climate change because it is just a meaningless catch all term to avoid the fact all the scary predictions from computer programmers have been proven to be wrong .
    It’s either warming or cooling because as everyone knows climate changes . Go Warming ! What scientific organization thinks cooling is better for plants and animals?
    Does any scientific organization claim that humans are running the climate show ?
    Does any scientific organization claim humans are going to override natural climate variables to set the worlds temperature to some prescribed number …set by who ?

    The NYTimes needs to become relevant again instead of being so lazy and intimidated
    by ECOVANGALISTS and snake oil salesman of the climate scare industry .

    Maybe the NYTimes got in line to get some of the cash otherwise ear marked for the grant seeking addicts of the “renewable ” industry before they all flame out .

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    In a way humans are are running the climate show, and they are the one with the power, prestige and money, like always!

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      PPM, Parts Per Million! Power, Prestige and Money! Mann made climate change! Adjusted data is man made! Over and over it is in your face!

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