NOAA scientists manipulated climate data to erase global warming pause

A former top NOAA scientist has come forward and revealed how Climate Change data was manipulated ahead of the Paris climate talks.

Not only was the data manipulated to show there was never a global warming pause, but a much-ballyhooed breakthrough paper was used to dispel any ideas a global warming pause existed and get it published before the important Paris climate talks.

John J. Bates, a former NOAA scientist and now an agency Whistleblower, said NOAA breached its own scientific integrity rules when it published a sensationalized report that showed the global warming pause wasn’t real in order to influence the outcome of the Paris climate talks.

Bates first told his story to the Daily Mail’s David Rose and said the “pause-buster report” was aimed at then-President Obama and other world leaders at the 2015 United Nations climate conference.

Timing is everything

The pause-buster report claimed the hiatus in global warming since 1998, as acknowledged by the U.N. in 2013, never existed and that temperatures had been rising faster than measured.

The pause-buster paper was covered by major media outlets and hailed by politicians to advance the global warming narrative and usher in the new policy.

Bates, who provided indisputable proof the Thomas Karl paper was based on deceptive, unsupported data, never went through NOAA’s exacting internal evaluation procedures before it was published in “Science Magazine.”

When he strongly opposed the use of faulty data in the new paper, NOAA supervisors overrode his objections in what Bates called a “blatant attempt to intensify the impact” of the pause-buster paper.

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