‘Nightly Show’ Smears ‘Creepy’ Cruz; Will ‘Do Everything the KKK Does,’ Has Mental Problems

NightlyShowIn what may be the worst series of attacks by the liberal media on Ted Cruz, Monday’s Nightly Show on Comedy Central featured host Larry Wilmore declaring that the “creepy” Cruz may be mentally disturbed with guest Aida Rodriguez firmly asserting that, if elected, Cruz’s agenda would be to “do everything the KKK does.” 

During the panel segment, Rodriguez began building to her obscene comparison by first attacking Cruz’s Christian faith by trying to joke that Christians who believe in the Second Amendment must also believe that people can shoot one another to death and merely “ask for forgiveness, and [then] go about their business.”

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Frequent panelist Mike Yard piled on by adding that Cruz supporters are “the people who say shit like if Jesus had a gun, the crucifixion would have went differently.”

Wilmore then opined that along with being against abortion and global warming but for traditional marriage, repealing of ObamaCare, guns, and abolishing the IRS, Cruz would be more likely than Donald Trump “to follow through on” Trump’s proposals because “[h]e’s not kidding around.”

The far-left comedian in Rodriguez then drew gasps (followed by applause) from the audience when she lumped Cruz in with the Ku Klux Klan: “He’s going to do everything the KKK does. That is his agenda. He falls in line with the KKK. Every single fucking thing that they do, he’s doing to do. Absolutely. He’s — and no global warming? Come on, son, really?”

Earlier in the program, Wilmore crudely suggested that Cruz’s denial of climate change was similar to a husband cheating on his wife with a babysitter where “in the middle of having sex, you whisper to her, ‘monogamy is very important to me.’”

Introducing the audio clip of Cruz telling a private audience about his strategy to “bear hug…and smother” Trump and Ben Carson “with love” so he can eventually inherit their supporters, Wilmore floated the idea that Cruz is mentally incompetent: “Something’s just off about this guy, though. Even behind the scenes.”

Wilmore also played video of Cruz shooting a machine gun with bacon wrapped inside before eating it to which the liberal late-night host denounced the “creepy” presidential candidate and questioned his manhood: “Wow. Do you know how small your dick has to be to do something like that? I don’t know, guys. I mean, I don’t know. He’s just creepy. You know, it’s his whole vibe, right?”

For a sampling of other attacks by the liberal media against the Texas conservative, my colleague Geoffrey Dickens complied some of their worst attacks in the lead-up to the announcement of his presidential campaign on March 23.

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    The left leaning liberals are just acting out their fear that their politically correct world is about to change . When no one is accountable for anything they do lieberals flourish .

    Can you imagine what the USA would look like if it wasn’t $$$Trillions in debt ?

    The Democrats have absolutely screwed the people they claim to represent by ensuring USA citizen jobs are exported or shut down by their little pit bull the EPA .

    Instead of agreeing to send $$billions into a UN sink hole they could have done something to keep jobs in the USA and not added foolishly to the debt bing they are on .

    Their whimpy spokesman could barely keep a straight face when he tried to sell green jobs BS the other day . The public aren’t buying it .

    They know it is a con but self interest has been placed above the interest of citizens and they are going to pay a very steep price
    for pulling this scam .

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    Larry Wilmore looks at a creep every morning when polish’s his head . How did he get it to be so pointed ?

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