New Reports: There Is No Global Warming

goreThe liberal media machine has spent decades bulldozing anyone who tells you global warming is a sham.

They even came up with a clever little title — “deniers.”

Every time a heat wave hits, every time a picture of a lone polar bear gets taken . . . the left pounds the table for environmental reform, more policy, more money to combat climate change. But how much has the world really warmed?

Their message is simple: Get on the man-made global warming bandwagon . . . or you’re just ignorant.

But how much has the world really warmed?

It’s an important question, considering the U.S. government spends $22 billion a year to fight the global warming crisis (twice as much as it spends protecting our border).

To put that in perspective, that is $41,856 every minute going to global warming initiatives.

But that’s just the tip of a gargantuan iceberg.

According to Forbes columnist Larry Bell, the ripple effect of global warming initiatives actually costs Americans $1.75 trillion . . . every year.

That’s three times larger than the entire U.S. federal budget deficit.

So, has anyone stopped to ask . . . how much has the globe actually warmed?

Well, we asked, and what we found was striking.

According to NASA’s own data via Remote Sensing Systems(RSS), the world has warmed a mere .36 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 35 years (they started measuring the data in 1979).

temperaturesHardly anything to panic about; however, that does mean the world is warmer, right?

The problem with that argument is that we experienced the bulk of that warming between 1979 and 1998 . . . since then, we’ve actually had temperatures DROPPING!

As can be seen in this chart, we haven’t seen any global warming for 17 years.

Weakening the global warming argument is data showing that the North Polar ice cap is increasing in size. Recent satellite images from NASA actually reflect an increase of 43% to 63%.

This is quite the opposite of what the global warming faction warned us.

In 2007, while accepting his Nobel Prize for his global warming initiative, Al Gore made this striking prediction, “The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff. It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.

Al Gore could not have been more wrong.

icecapHowever, despite this clear evidence that the temperatures are not increasing, the global warming hysteria only seems to be increasing.

For example: President Obama himself tweeted on May 16, 2014: “97% of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” John Kerry, Al Gore, and a host of others have championed this statistic.

Since then, it has become clear that this statistic was inaccurate.

The Wall Street Journal went as far as to say, “The assertion that 97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made, urgent problem is a fiction.” Forbes headlined “Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring ’97% Consensus’ Claims.”

Come to find out, the study President Obama was citing was botched from the start.

A host of other problems for the global warming crowd are emerging, such as . . .

  • Leaked emails from global warming scientists state that the Earth is not warming, such as this one from Kevin Trenberth that states, “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty we can’t.”
  • Claude Allegre, the founding father of the man-made global warming ethos, recently renounced his position that man has caused warming.
  • Proof is emerging that Al Gore and even President Obama have financially benefited from fueling the global warming hysteria (click here for an internal report on this).

It is becoming harder and harder for the global warming community to ignore some of the scientific data that show the Earth is not getting warmer . . . instead, the world is getting cooler.

Which makes one wonder — why are we still spending $22 billion a year on global warming initiatives, and where is the money going? (Click Here to Read a Controversial Report on This Topic.)

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      Actually Peter, it seems that the graph might be due to “no” instrumentation but rather flawed computer projections. Even if we were to accept a temperature increase of approximately 1 degree C over the 150 year period illustrated on the chart (which actually would be quite reasonable), the projection of temperatures on the chart to approximately 2030 shows that reality has little if anything to do with the production of this chart. The errors recently found in the CMIP5 alone suggests strong doubt on just about everything claimed by the catastrophic global warming crowd.
      Secondly, as I’ve always asked, how precise do you suppose actual global temperature readings would have been in the late 1800s or early 1900s? In fact, with more than 20% of the globe still unmonitored for temperatures and many of the readings made by extrapolation, it’s doubtful if current day readings are within 1.5 degrees in accuracy.
      Flaws? To say the least…

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      Peter, that graph is not a graph of data, it is a graph of artifacts.

      [b]artifact[/b] [ ˈärtəfakt ] NOUN
      1-[i] an object made by a human being[/i]

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      Paul H


      So it has steadily warmed since the 19thC little ice age.

      Much of this warming was before CO2 really had much effect.

      And if you look closely, you can see the pause since 1998

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    L. E. Deaux, LEED AP


    The above graph illustrates a temperature spectrum spread of just .75C over 120 years, hardly an anomoly and certainly not unusual. Temperature variations in nature over 4.54 billion years of this magnitude are very common. The presentation of the same data on a +/-t5C grapgh would look pretty flat for the dame period and when disgussing climate, how you present data is pretty important. AGW alarmists present facts like Yougo sellers. Example: CO2 is twice as dangerous a GHG as H2O (201% to be exact). What the fail to mention is that there are 100 ppm of H2O for every CO2 molecule, or that water has an atomic weight of just 18 while CO2 is 44 (222% the size of a water molecule) so not only does water cause more GHG energy retention forcing by = weight, there is 41 x as much of it in the atmosphere as CO2. Those are the real inconvenient truths Al Gore forgot to mention in his propoganda film. It is also true that CO2 has increased in the atmosphere by 34% since 1890. What the AGW forget to mention is that 34% of something that accounts for barely 1/1802 of the entire atmospheric HFEV is really unimportant as a factor in total A:HFEV where the main driver of climate is the heat sink and T:m of ocean surface waters and continental land masses. There is a relationship between CO2 and temperature, but it is about as significant as would be the alteration in the T:mass ratio differential if one of the Figi islands sunk. The entire surface area of the planet would not change, just the availabe reflective and reradiative ratios of the HFEV totals fir land surface vs. Water surfaces…so small a change it would be immeasurable. Same with the 35% fact tossed out ther. 35% of nearly nothing is still nearly nothing.

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    L. E. Deaux, LEED AP


    Sorry about my typos…I hate mobile devices and have fat fingers.

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    Pete West


    Could we please make the photo and graph graphics bigger so they can be downloaded and kept? cheers Pete

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    We are being played .One world government is the goal. Fear of
    global warming was to serve as the catalystto motivate people into supporting the UN Agenda 21 objective of one world government .
    We all know climate changes . Always has always will . One world government now that is a different matter .

    Blathering on about whether the worlds temperature changed +/- a quarter of a degree is a waste of time but it is the distraction they choose to use to lay the ground work for one government .(It will be called something more marketable .)
    We should be getting ahead of the real issue instead of the side show bun fight over global warming (rebranded ..climate change ).

    Create fear (global warming ) and have a solution at the ready ..One World Government . Once it’s in place global warming will disappear guaranteed .

    “International Climate Protection Tribunal”
    that sounds about right for their planned start . Launch date 2017.

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      Pete West


      Absolutely spot on, I couldn’t agree more. Also if you think about it, One World Government is a way out of the massive debt the USA has. It will be bust in 6-8 years, what better way than to have the debt shared by the world, or better still, get rid of all the people that have debt.

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